The population growth rate is ascending at an alarming rate. This is replicated by an increase in the number of the commercial buildings, houses as well as other constructions. This may drag with itself the construction of poor houses due to the scarcity of the resources. This is where the standard safety codes get overlooked and hence raising the risks of the dwellers. There have been increased cases of accidents prompted by these weak structures.


There are some people who opine that the national government is solely responsible for the reinforcement of the safety codes while others firmly believe that the house owners are the prime players in terms of responsibility.  Basing on my opinion, the government is only tasked to formulating the laws and following them to ensure execution, but it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure all the safety standards are adhered to while constructing these buildings (Allen & Iano, 2011).

It is impossible for the government to recruit all the required manpower and install monitoring systems all over the country in places where every construction is taking place. The primary objective of the government is to avail authorities that people should clear through to be given the permission to start building. Most of the accidents are fueled by the use of poor tools, substandard materials, and unskilled labor by the house owners who deliberately decide not to comply with the safety standards (Jiabao, 2009).

The architects, labor, and engineers should always protest when they feel that the house owners have breached the safety standards. The manpower hasbeen used for the work should refrain from working in positions that are deemed to harm them. The assigned authority shouldrandomly monitor the building process to ensure that the engineers do not follow the owner’s orders blindly and hence inadequate structures (Imrie, 2007).

In conclusion, the house owners should know all the safety standard procedures as the government cannot be able to monitor all the construction in any given country. The house owners should always give the rules and safety standards a priority.