Have a good lifestyle while working in France

Getting used to a new life in a new country may be hectic, especially if it involves a new language. And the pressure rises when you start a new job and amidst all that, you also need to take care of your health and wellbeing. Luckily, France has an appalling work life balance and it stands at the 4th rank in the HSBCs 2017 Expat Explorer Survey. But still you need to ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying here. Here are some of the ways to do so.

Good eating habits

France is known for its rich cuisine and good eating habits. The French portion size is smaller in comparison to the USA, UK and Canada. Along with this, they have healthier snacking. Here people pay attention to what they are eating and at what time.

Usually, French culture has specific meal times in a day and people don’t generally eat outside it. Good attention is paid to enjoying your food, investing time in eating it and loving the company of the person with whom you are eating.


France has an active lifestyle. It stands at the 3rd place for health and 8th position in quality of life according to the Expat Explorer Survey. French people love to jog, ride bikes, walk, swim and play sports. Though gyms aren’t so popular here but people love outdoor activities.

Work-life balance

Another way to maintain a good lifestyle is by keeping a balanced wellbeing. You can achieve a happy work-life balance with dedicated working hours and leisure hours. France has a good work-life balance in comparison to the US. It offers a full time working week of 35 hours and 5 weeks paid vacations. It also offers great maternity leaves.


France has a number of leisure and amusement activities to offer to its place. You have a number of things to do and places to visit while you are here. Thus, you can have a great outdoor life too and maintain a good work-life balance. With so much to do here, weekends are highly appealing.


French healthcare system is regarded as one of the best across the globe. It stands at the 19th position for healthcare in the Expat Insider Survey and the nation has an average life expectancy of 82 years. The French healthcare system is a hybrid one where it is partially state funded via the taxes of the employer and employee and partly it is funded by the insurance providers.

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So, whether you are shifting to France in search of a job or to adapt a better lifestyle or you just want to make the move to give your life a new kick, it is clear that you will get a number of positive benefits for your health and life by adapting to the French way of living. You should adapt a new routine and find out ways to balance your day to day life. It may appear a little tough in the beginning but eventually life gets simpler.