The creation of nuclear power gives cheap and clean energy, but I disagree that the advantages of the nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Development of nuclear technology leads to the creation of the nuclear weapons having much influence on the environment. Because of the vast nuclear technology impact in the environment, people shy away from using the nuclear power and choosing safer energy alternatives (Siegrist & Sütterlin, 2016).

I agree that the benefits of the nuclear technology do not outweigh the disadvantages because the nuclear technology is quite dangerous to human body and the environment as a whole. The nuclear technology sets back human health since the radiation emitted from the nuclear reactors leads to the development of incurable diseases such as cancer.


The diseases result from mutation of the human gene because of the excess emission of the lethal radiations to the atmosphere. A low rate of radiation exposure cannot have a diverse impact on the environment, but a prolonged radiation can excessively influence human health. For instance, people residing around the nuclear reactors have the higher probability of impact by radiation emanating from the nuclear plants (Verma et al, 2016,). The people living near the nuclear reactors have a lower life span and the death from diseases such as cancer than their counterparts living afar.

The nuclear energy also influences the status of the environment by damaging it through excessive radiations preventing the active development of animals leading to premature deaths and abnormal births. Radiation has the ability of permanently destroying the available resources within the society because the resources are contaminated by radiation from the nuclear reactions. The radiation would in future make the land uninhabitable since radiation would destroy most physical resources such as the plants and animals.

The end of the nuclear technology would lead to the end of the world since the development of the nuclear power could result in the destruction of the whole world within a few minutes. The nuclear warheads are very lethal and capable of destroying the entire world and it is very dangerous to develop nuclear technology.

The disadvantages of nuclear technology mostly surpass the benefits and the invention of the cheap and clean energy does not compensate the damaging influence of radiation to human health in the environment. The existence of the nuclear warheads is very dangerous and poses a greater risk to our environment now and in future because countries would use nuclear warheads to armies.