To date, Greek mythology is still one of the few ancient subjects that are still taught widely. This subject is not only taught as literature in schools, but it is also included in most of history lessons. People continue to wonder the reason as to why academicians are still interested in ancient Greek myths. These myths have been attributed to nothing but stories from thousands of years ago. In the modern society, Greek movies and literature are an indication of the ways in which people are still fascinated and interested in Greek mythology (Krieg, 2015).


Some critics of ancient Greek mythology are of the thought that this kind of mythology is nothing more of old and outdated stories. This is absolutely wrong. According to Norris (2000), these stories may have been written many years ago. However, they still contain useful information that was drafted by wise men, among them Aristotle and many others, who played an important role in the shaping of the modern society. These men were not only telling stories and tales due to lack of anything to do. This was their way of passing important information and this is the reason as to why their Greek myths have been able to survive for so many years and still maintain their relevance up to date. These myths may still be relevant for the next hundreds or thousand years to come.

The Greek mythology has had a massive influence across the world today. It is almost impossible to fully understand aspects of issues such as performing and fine arts or even literature without gaining some level of understanding of Greek myth. Myths were an important aspect of the Greek culture since this was the major medium through which information and knowledge were passed down from one generation to another (Norris, 2000).