When we talk about the zoo, the first thing that comes to our mind is wildlife conversation. The main idea behind the formation of a zoo is to promote wildlife conservation. Experience is a good thing and zoos are also part of an entertainment experience. For this reason, learning can be much better when made entertaining. In my opinion, zoos are of vital importance for educational purposes.


First, human beings are drawn closer by animals. It is only in a zoo that you will find various animals from all over the world put together in one place. Most of  these  animals are very attractive and watching them is breath-taking. For instance, lions  and zebras are not things we see every day if not in books or the internet. Getting to see these animals in real life at close proximity increases the interest students have for wildlife.

Secondly, zoos exist to educate. Learning becomes more active and many students get motivated to participate when they see the animals in real life. Furthermore,the urge to do more research  increases when these students are exposed to such places.

Finally, zoos are an important resource for education and every country should make every effort to increase the exotic animals they display. However, if we look at it from an educational perspective, the creative manner in which they are able to convey knowledge about wildlife conservation is what makes it beneficial to the learning process.