What is the Supertree Observatory?

Located at the canopy of the tallest Supertree, Supertree Observatory is an open-air rooftop deck. Here, your guests can soak in 360-degree panoramic views of the Marina Bay area and lush surroundings of Gardens by the Bay.

What time is the Gardens by the Bay light show?

The Gardens by the Bay light show starts at 7.45pm and 8.45pm every day of the week. Aim to be there between 7pm and 7.30pm to grab a good spot.

How many Supertree are there?

18 supertrees
The manmade steel forest consists of 18 supertrees varying from 25 to 50 meters in height. They act as cooling ducts for nearby conservatories, collect rainwater, and 11 of them have solar photovoltaic systems to convert sunlight into energy.

How tall is the OCBC Skyway?

OCBC Skyway, Singapore Overview Situated at a height of 22-metres, with mesmerizing, panoramic views of and beyond the beauty of the Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay skyline that encompasses the area, the OCBC Skyway is one of the most ideal places to find peace and tranquillity.

How do you say Gardens by the Bay in Chinese?

Its Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world….

Gardens by the Bay
Taman di Persisiran (Malay) 滨海湾花园 (Chinese) வளைகுடா தோட்டம் (Tamil)
The Supertree Grove Trees from the Lily Pond at Gardens by the Bay
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Type Nature park

How many plants can be found in gardens by the bay?

The Gardens’ 18 Supertrees are all located in Bay South, with the tallest steel-framed concrete structure standing at 50 m and the shortest at 25 m. Each Supertree is covered with nearly 163,000 plants of more than 200 species and varieties, including bromeliads, orchids and tropical flowering climbers.

What is the best time to go Gardens by the Bay?

When is best time for visiting Gardens by the Bay? Visit on weekdays to avoid the crowds. Alternatively, pay a visit towards the early morning or the evening when it is cooler. The Cooled Conservatories stay open till 9 pm and have a different atmosphere after dark.

Can we bring food into Gardens by the Bay?

Picnics in most parts of the Gardens, with the exception of the Conservatories, is permitted. No picnic furniture is allowed throughout the Gardens.

Why is Gardens by the Bay so popular?

A national garden and premier horticultural attraction for local and international visitors, Gardens by the Bay is a showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry that presents the plant kingdom in a whole new way, entertaining while educating visitors with plants seldom seen in this part of the world, ranging from …

How much did Gardens By The Bay cost?

The Gardens cost about S$1 billion to build.

How much did Gardens by the Bay cost?

Why is Gardens by the Bay famous?