What do you need for Itachi cosplay?

Get in costume by wearing an Anime Cosplay Wig, Men’s T-Shirt, Twill Joggers, Akatsuki Cloak, and Akatsuki Shoes. Get the necessary items by adding an Itachi Accessories Set, Plastic Kunai Darts, and Black Nail Polish.

What is the outfit Itachi wears?

Itachi Uchiha Cloak: Itachi wears standard Akatsuki cloak which has dark red cloud shapes on it.

What color is Itachi’s clothing?

His attire consisted of mesh armor with navy accents under an identical T-shirt with a simple white belt around the waist, and dark blue pants.

How tall is Itachi?

about 175 centimeters tall
Itachi is about 175 centimeters tall (5’9″) in the first part and grows to about 178 centimeters (5’10”) in the second part. He weighs roughly 57 kilograms (126 pounds) in part one and roughly 58 kilograms (128 pounds) in part two.

How do I talk like Itachi?

Itachi is cold, stern, and quiet. He does not talk much, nor does he show much emotion. Try to keep a straight face and your voice calm and level. If you do talk, keep your language smart and polished; this is a nod to the intelligent side of Itachi.

How old is Itachi?

Naruto Profile: Itachi Uchiha

editItachi Uchiha
Birthdate June 9
Sex Male
Age Part I: 17–18 Part II: 21

How do you dress like Sasuke?

Wear blue and black. If you want to get a good Sasuke wardrobe together, a loose fitting blue tunic with a V-neck would be a perfect top, while some baggy pajama-style pants of a dark blue color would pair nicely. A rope belt and headband would complete the look.

What is Itachi’s favorite drink?

Itachi Uchiha loves Arandal Tea, it reminds him of his home. His mother always served it to them so they won’t forget their cultural heritage.

What is Itachi’s strongest jutsu?

As Itachi’s ultimate technique, Tsukuyomi is his Mangekyo Sharingan ability and the most powerful genjutsu, save for Izanami and Infinite Tsukuyomi.

What is Itachi’s personality?

Itachi is a generally calm, soft-spoken person who tends to keep his thoughts and emotions to himself. It is because of this that he carries a mysterious atmosphere about him everywhere he goes; even those who are closest to him, such as his partner Kisame Hoshigaki, have no knowledge of his true motives.