What is S013 abend in JCL?

The S013 Abend occurs when the Program expects the DD to have a specific DCB, but the DD has a different DCB. Specify the correct DCB for the DD.

What is System abend 0e37 in mainframe?

When you allocate a data set, you allot a certain amount of space in units of blocks, tracks, or cylinders on a storage disk. If you use up that space, you see a message that says: SYSTEM ABEND ‘0D37’

What is a system abend?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An abnormal end or abend is an abnormal termination of software, or a program crash. This usage derives from an error message from the IBM OS/360, IBM zOS operating systems. Usually capitalized, but may appear as “abend”.

What is S001 abend?

S001. This abend can result from the following: – The data control block (DCB) for SORTIN contained incorrect. LRECL or BLKSIZE data set attributes.

How do I compress PDS?

The COMPRESS command compresses a PDS on a specified volume. Compression removes unused space between members in a partitioned data set. This recovered space is then available for reuse at the end of the data set.

How do I compress a file in mainframe?

There is a utility called PKZIP in mainframe and it can be used to ZIP sequential files, VSAM files, PDS, PDSE members. Sample job is given below. The Zipped file will be in ASCII mode. So if you want to transfer the zipped file to your PC, then you should transfer it in “binary” mode.

What is a abend code?

ABEND Code U-0013 (X’000D’) is issued when a failure or error condition occurs for which normal program execution cannot continue. An associated reason code (usually contained in general register 15 at the time of ABEND) further describes the condition.

What is a user abend?

A user abend is when a certain condition is encountered that is a known error condition, and the programmer then requests that the program abends with a given user code (abend).

What is Cond even in JCL?

COND=EVEN. When COND=EVEN is coded, the current job step is executed, even if any of the previous steps abnormally terminate. If any other RC condition is coded along with COND=EVEN, then the job step executes if none of the RC condition is true.

What does Abend-system 013 mean in s013?

S013 MVS ABEND – SYSTEM 013. does not. For example, a valid DBRM library was used for ANLIN, but the member name specified did not exist. This will also result in JOB NOT RUN – JCL ERROR message. Under MVS, the member name is not checked until run time, hence the S013 abend.

What are the Abend codes for the mainframe?

IO error, damaged tape, device malfunction. With disk, reading a dataset that was allocated but never written to. Concatenation of files with different record lengths or record formats. Reading after the end of the file by non-COBOL program. COBOL intercepts this and displays “QSAM error, status 92”.

What is the reason code for Abend S13 20?

Re: Abend S13 20. An ABEND code is Shhh where hhh is 3 hexadecimal digits, or Unnnn, where nnnn is 1 to 4 decimal digits, with a maximum value of 4095. Most System ABEND codes have an associated reason code, usually two hexadecimal digits, so the code here is S013-20.

When does a s013 Abend occur in a PDS?

Usually this ABEND occurs, When the program tries to read a member of PDS and the member is not found. Ex: During compilation, If you code a non-existing member as source (SYSIN). The S013 Abend occurs when the Program expects the DD to have a specific DCB, but the DD has a different DCB.