What are the best pharmacology flashcards?

The 5 Best Pharmacology Flashcard Sets For Nursing

  • Mosby’s Pharmacology Memory Notes (BEST OVERALL)
  • Pharm Phlash!: Pharmacology Flash Cards (MOST COMPREHENSIVE)
  • Lange Pharmacology Flashcards, 4th ed. ( BEST FOR QUICK STUDY)
  • McGraw-Hill’s Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards (MOST EXTRAS)
  • PharmCards, 5th ed. ( EASIEST TO READ)

Is first aid pharmacology enough for Step 1?

Yeah exactly. There ARE horror stories of Pharm heavy Step 1 tests (just like there can be micro heavy Step 1’s) – it just depends on how the test generates that day, but those are really an exception, not the rule. Most of the Step 1 Pharm is either straight forward or has a trigger word.

What percentage of Step 1 is pharmacology?

Step 1 content weighting for these topics is provided in Table 1 below….Table 3: Step 1 Discipline Specifications*

System Range, %
Physiology 25–35
Pharmacology 15–22
Biochemistry & Nutrition 14–24
Microbiology 10–15

Is pharmacology hard in medical school?

Pharmacology is one of the more challenging classes during your second year of med school. It is incredibly important because it is the med student’s introduction to the scientific basis for the use of drugs in medical practice.

Is SketchyMicro enough for Step 1?

Sketchymicro is at the very least a solid foundation that’ll still help you answer more than half of the uworld questions and at least some of your actual usmle questions. Qbanks and first aid will fill in the rest of your knowledge.

Is Pathoma sufficient for Step 1?

Pathoma is concise and just enough for the USMLE. His videos are gold. There are people who have scored great just using either of those. So, its up to you what you can manage to use and use in a way that it counts towards your preparation.

How do nurses make drug cards?

How to use drug cards for Nursing School

  1. Name of the Medication/Drug (put this at the top … or even by itself on the flip side.)
  2. Ailment(s) treated.
  3. Dosage.
  4. Route.
  5. Site of action.
  6. Side effects.
  7. Precautions.