What are supervisions in early years?

Supervision provides professional one to one support away from the children and direct work environment. To reflect on own practice, professional progress, safeguarding issues and to self-evaluate. It also supports increased staff retention which ensures continuity of care for children.

What is the Eyfs tracker?

The EYFS Tracker is a web-based application designed to provide all types of Early Years settings with a simple-to-use yet comprehensive system for recording and analysing children’s progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage, from birth to the end of the Reception year.

What is development matters Eyfs?

Development Matters is a free, downloadable document provided by Early Education. It is designed to support Early Years Practitioners in providing quality education for each child. Development Matters covers a range of Areas of Learning and Development, from reading to maths and beyond.

What does the Eyfs say about assessment?

‘The EYFS Profile is not intended to be used for on-going assessment or for entry level assessment for Early Years settings or Reception classes’. The primary purpose of the EYFS Profile is to provide a reliable, valid and accurate assessment of individual children at the end of the EYFS.

What is a supervision in childcare?

Supervision acts as a means for ensuring that members of staff have access to the support, training and procedures they require for professional growth and development. Supervision enables supervisors and supervisees to examine and reflect on the quality of their practice and to facilitate discussion.

What does supervision mean in childcare?

Supervision is an active process. It involves watching, listening, interacting, monitoring and preventing problems. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “active and positive supervision” involves: Knowing each child’s abilities. Establishing clear and simple safety rules.

What is good progress in Eyfs?

A child’s achieves a good level of development, as defined by the government, if s/he meets the expected level in the early learning goals in the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language), and in the specific areas of mathematics and …

What do Ofsted need to know about staff supervision?

Ofsted will expect each setting to have a Supervision policy. Through interviews and discussion with staff, Ofsted will wish to discuss procedures in place to ensure that high quality supervision is provided and has an impact on practice. As cited in the Ofsted Evaluation Schedule for the Inspection of Children’s Centres, inspectors should

Why does supervision take place in children’s centres?

3Chris Pascal (2012) Developing Supervision in Children’s Centres 4 Supportive working cultures Critically, supervision should take place in the context of a supportive professional culture built on trust and respect, recognising the influence and impact of establishing good working relationships.

How is an agreed staff supervision record form used?

An agreed Staff Supervision Record form will be used to capture discussion points and decisions made. (Appendix 2 provides an example proforma for a Staff Supervision Record form) Safeguarding decisions will be clearly stated and will be recorded in the child’s individual file by the staff member/key person.

What are the aims of an EYFS meeting?

The EYFS sets out the aims of individual supervisions. They… ● Provide support to members of staff. ● Give opportunity for practitioners to discuss concerns/sensitive issues.