Education is the key to success. Thus, for many people, pursuing it even to the ends of the world is worthwhile. Therefore, we can conclusively say that going for further studies abroad has a positive impact not only to the individual but also to the country as a whole. An individual has a greater chance of meeting with new people and ideas whereas his home country could benefit immensely from the knowledge that this person has acquired through various contacts. This could also be a great opportunity for those who like travelling and adventure.


The world is comprised of people from all walks of life. Thus, the pursuit of education in a country other than one’s homeland gives one a great opportunity to explore foreign lands, cultures, customs, food, festivals and traditions through first-hand contact which is definitely an incredible experience. (Stuart, 2014)

Once a native goes abroad and does study in one of the reputed universities, he or she puts himself or herself in a better position to land their dream job when they come back to their homeland. These people are, not only considered, but also believed to be, competent in terms of personal skills and attributes. (Stuart, 2014)

A person has a great chance of making very strong social networks once they study in foreign universities which could be a very great platform to use when searching for jobs or references. Going abroad is particularly a great idea for those who want to experience a new academic setup or those who think they can easily adjust with different academic environments. (Vistawide, 2004)

Therefore, going abroad has a positive impact not only to the individual but also to the society as a whole.