A quality education is one of the biggest life essentials in the world we live in today. Therefore, the level of success students achieve in their high-school has far-reaching implications for their lives.  The academic excellence of a student is affected by numerous factors including family background, ability to learn and learning environment.


One of the most important factors that determine a student’s academic success is their discipline and engagement. It is critical to note that the strongest predictor of academic success is academic discipline. This is a skill component of motivation which is shown by the degree to which students engage in learning new things. The student’s academic engagement is directly proportional to academic achievement (Bryan, 2008).

Social factors also play a crucial role in the academic excellence. A positive family set up offers support and encouragement for the student to excel. The family instills discipline in the child. The friends one hangs around with also affect one’s commitment towards studies. If a student has friends with bad manners, he/she could develop unhealthy habits that impact on their grades while progressive friends will always be able to facilitate the improvement of the student’s results (Alson, 2003).

The also teachers play a crucial role in the academic success of students. With their dedicated teaching, they have an opportunity to motivate and change pupils for the better.

In conclusion, high school education success is as a result of various issues as has been discussed above. If a student commits himself/herself in academic success, then he can emerge as a victor.