Can you put fondant on top of brownies?

Place brownie pieces on a baking sheet and freeze for 2 hours. Drape rolled fondant over the appropriate-size frozen brownie pieces, fold in 2 opposite sides as if you’re wrapping a package, and trim as needed. You shouldn’t cover the bottom of the brownies.

Can you decorate with fondant?

If you’re trying to make your homemade cakes look extra spectacular or professional, learn how to decorate with fondant. Fondant is a thick sugary paste that can be rolled to smoothly cover a cake. You can also make a variety of three-dimensional fondant decorations to apply to your cake.

Can I put a drip on a fondant cake?

If you tried to use ganache (or any other similar ‘drip’) or fresh fruit icing drip on a fondant covered cake you may have run into some problems. The fondant will become soft and sticky ruining your perfectly covered cake and its sharp edges. The best drippy icing to use on a fondant covered cake is royal icing.

What do you use to stick fondant to chocolate?

Edible glue is a thick royal icing — similar to what is used to make gingerbread houses. It dries rock hard and helps attach modeling chocolate decorations to a fondant surface. It holds better than the water method, so it is good if you have heavy decorations that need to hang from the side of your fondant cake.

What can I add to brownies?

  1. Add chunks of your favorite chocolate candy bar to the mix.
  2. Add vanilla extract to the brownie mix.
  3. Add chocolate chips to the brownie mix before baking.
  4. Top your brownies with white, chocolate or peanut butter chips after they bake.
  5. Add marshmallows to the brownie mix.
  6. Add chopped nuts to your brownie mix.

Can you put fondant decorations on buttercream?

Fondant decorations add a professional and polished touch to cakes and cookies iced with buttercream icing. Press your fondant decoration, dampened side down, onto the icing. If the decoration is heavy or bulky, add decorative flourishes of fresh buttercream around the fondant decoration to help stabilize it.

How far in advance can you decorate a cake with fondant?

Fondant: Fondant can be made 1 day before, up to 5 weeks before cake is due. To store fondant, wrap well in plastic wrap, and place inside an airtight container. Keep at room temperature, away from sunlight.

Can you refrigerate a drip cake?

Once it’s made, wrap the bowl with plastic wrap or cover the top of the plastic bottle and store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. Use leftover ganache to top cupcakes, cookies, or even ice cream!

Should I keep a drip cake in the fridge?

The cake should be fine stored in a box placed in a cool cupboard. If you think it is melting, pop the cake, still boxed, into the fridge. Take it out of the fridge before collection to make a quick check. Don’t leave the box open for too long as moisture will form on the cake due to the warmer room temperature air.

What are some good ideas for Brownie decorating?

Let Wilton help jump-start your creative juices with some great brownie decorating ideas! From classic characters to scary Halloween brownie ideas, check out our easy to follow tips, to impress folks at your next gathering.

Can you put white chocolate icing on Brownies?

You can also add white chocolate before the bake. Embedding crunchy Maltesers into chocolate icing creates a satisfying contrast to the soft sponge. Pipe chocolate into organic designs like leaves and flowers and allow it to set before popping them onto the brownies for a more artistic appearance.

What kind of fruit to put on top of brownies?

Use raspberries or strawberries to decorate the top of your brownies. It may be helpful to coat the top with frosting before adding fruit, to ensure that the fruit stays attached to your brownies. Try sticking to fruit that works well with chocolate, like fresh berries or apricots.

Do you need a fondant smoother for a cake?

When covering a cake with fondant, a fondant smoother is an essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled out fondant onto your cake. You will also need a fondant smoother to repair any tears or cracks on your fondant covered cakes. To see more about troubleshooting for fondant covered cakes read here.