Can you get a replacement Pokéwalker?

Start the game on the Nintendo DS. Any routes you have unlocked or attained through promotions will still be available on the game card. Any step counts, Pokémon, Found Items, or Watts currently on the Pokéwalker will be erased and there is no way to transfer them to a replacement Pokéwalker.

Can you emulate a Pokéwalker?

This project is about reverse engineering the PokeWalker, a device designed for use with the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver games. A full emulator to run the pokewalker software on. Custom hardware that emulates the pokewalker with extra features.

How do you open the Pokéwalker?

  1. Step 1 Battery. Locate the Screw on the Back of the Pokewalker. Add a comment.
  2. Remove the Screw with a Phillips #0 Screwdriver. The screw is attached to the rear case with washers.
  3. Remove the Rear Cover from the Device. Add a comment.
  4. Use the flat end of a Spudger to Remove the Battery. Add a comment.

How much does a Pokéwalker sell for?

Pokemon SoulSilver Version Nintendo DS

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2020-04-18 Pokemon Soul Silver Ds Cart Only With Pokewalker $80.00
2019-12-25 Pokemon: SoulSilver Version With Pokewalker $70.00
2019-12-13 Pokemon: Soulsilver With Pokewalker $68.00

Why is Pokemon SoulSilver so expensive?

The Nintendo DS Pokémon Games Are So Expensive That Ebay Is Filled With Bootleg Cartridges. The Pokémon games on the Nintendo DS can still fetch high-prices on second-hand websites, which has led to an entire industry of bootleg cartridges being developed and sold on sites like eBay.

Can you get shiny Pokemon from the pokewalker?

2 Answers. Yes it should be possible since a shiny is determined by the random IVs (hidden pokemon data). It will be the same chance as normal, 1 in 8192. But you won’t be able to tell until you send it back to the game, because the Pokewalker is monochrome.

Can I use pokewalker with ROM?

It can handle any images used in the walker (both in EEPROM and ROM) and the walker-intended images in the Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver games.

Can you replace Pokéwalker battery?

Remove the battery by sliding in the direction of arrow (1) and pulling it out of the battery compartment in the direction of arrow (2). Replace the battery with a new one. Replace with a new CR2032 type battery only.

Can Pokemon from Pokéwalker be shiny?

Does Pokéwalker still work?

The Pokéwalker can be revived by holding down the central button for one second. While in sleep mode, the Pokéwalker will still maintain its primary function and record the amount of steps the player takes.

Can Pokewalker be shiny?