This usually means that there is no pass no learning to write without a project.


To be master of his work and to write the dignity of his planned project, of course, they should be treated with the utmost seriousness.

  • Decide on the subject. The purpose of the coursework, done by the teacher or alone. If you choose a theme, you need to take if you are able to be out to find out. Try to take the problem with the clear words, otherwise it will be difficult to write a test, especially if you are the first time.
  • Prepare a work plan. This plan should reflect all the details of the work and logic to open a theme. This step should be taken seriously, because it is the plan to write its course. Before you write the plan, remember that each work consists of the main contents of the introductory chapters, the conclusion and bibliography.
  • Pick up the types of scientific data. These journals and electronic resources can be printed. How serious is the list of resources that you use when writing an essay, depending on their quality. The primary sources that are required to use it must be reported to the teacher.
  • Then write operations. The design of the course should include the following elements: a title page, content management, the theoretical part, practical part, the completion and bibliography.

The title page contains information about the name of an educational institution, specialty that is the subject of the ongoing projects, information about the pupils and teachers who evaluate the work.

In the introduction to write why you chose this topic, the importance of this matter, purpose, method of problem solving, chose practical importance of their work.

In the theoretical part, we consider the problem in theory. Describe the general approach to solve the problem, you say. The theoretical part also has references to scientific documents, quotations and excerpts from books. In other words, the theoretical part of the work – a review of scientific literature. The result of the theory to test the hypothesis of the investigation and the results of the analysis from the source.

The practical part contains a description of the main problems to solve with the search for technical, but also ways. This section can contain forecasts, tables, and graphs. Finally, a list of results for the individual parts of the project. Reflect the degree of illumination of matter and the goals you must achieve.

Wear during the project. Although there are standards for the design of the course, the rules and nuances to be found in all schools.