Presentation is of high priority: Keep in mind that your business report will be your chance to make a great first impression on the judges. Assure yourself that you have made the layout as attractive as possible; the same goes for a service report. Try to follow recommendations mentioned below:

  • Include photos of your team and the product photos
  • Include charts, sketches, and drafts
  • Be sure that your report is neat and free from spelling blunders. It is a great idea to ask someone else to proofread your report before submitting it.


Do not omit something: it is crucial to mention every aspect of your business in the report. Therefore, consider the report writing topics with a big accuracy. Do not forget to fill all headings under the report. In case judges do not have any idea about something, then they cannot grade you for it.

Be clear to the point: you can be fully knowledgeable about your business at this level, but do not think that the judges are as well. When checking your report once again, consider the following question – is my reports writing clear enough for outsiders?

Remember about your errors: some students think they do not have to add details of blunders they have made in their particular reports because it will reflect terribly on them. In reality, the exact opposite does work! By demonstrating the judges exactly what blunders you have made and more importantly how you learnt from them, you are going to get extra points.


  • Your report can only consist of 10 double sided or 20 single sided pages.
  • You have to hand in 5 copies by the due date. If you are sure that it is impossible for you to complete the paper on time, then you may try to order credit report online.