Why IV Therapy Should Be Part Of Your Wellness Routine

Get maximum energy and recover faster with intravenous nutrition at VIDA Wellness and Beauty.

For people who are healthy and need an energy boost or increased protection from viral illnesses, an intravenous cocktail can be rejuvenating or beneficial before a cold season, some strenuous travel or activity, or just to feel great.

Why Is It So Effective?

It may surprise you, but most diseases and conditions are related to digestive disorders, taking away the body’s ability to properly absorb the nutrients it needs to return to good health.

In addition, many diseases and inflammation in the body cause our system to use nutrients rapidly, or require high amounts to heal properly.

Since nutrients are administered directly into the bloodstream in IV therapy, we skip digestion. This is why it is so effective! Furthermore, the levels in the blood are temporarily increased because the nutrients are sent directly to the cells and to the mitochondria, which is where they act. This temporary rush activates cells immediately, so energy is produced more efficiently.

Some patients feel a rush of energy that can last for days or weeks. People suffering from fibromyalgia experience a decrease in pain, for others with arthritis or ulcerative colitis, the infusion helps them obtain the necessary nutrients in the cells. Patients with chronic asthma or other lung diseases, heart problems, and chronic allergy problems may respond with more energy and fewer symptoms. Patients who are affected by an infection can strengthen their immune system, making them less prone to viral illnesses.

IV Therapy for Curing the Diseases

IV therapy is very beneficial method for healing the diseases naturally; some need that pre-operative boost because they don’t find optimal nutrition before their surgery. Also after the operation they can access an intravenous cocktail that will help them to a faster healing process as well as decrease symptoms or post-operative discomfort. A person with symptoms of menopause, cancer the IV therapy is good for their health. Some of the most requested are: Vitamin C, Iron, Multivitamin, and the Immune System Boost. The IV therapy is very beneficial for curing the many types of diseases without the use of medicines.

How Is The IV Applied? Is It Going To Hurt? Are There Side Effects?

The process is simple and also relaxing, since we have a room with comfortable armchairs, plasma screen with cable and air conditioning. A small catheter is placed into the vein, and the infusion begins to be given gently, in about 30 minutes or up to 3 hours. Side effects are very rare and are regularly limited to slight irritation in the vein. Some sensations are feeling the taste of vitamins after the infusion begins.

The Benefits Of IV Therapy Are Multiple, Some Of Them Are:

  • Increased energy
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Obtain high doses of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that do not need to be absorbed through the intestines
  • Decrease the time of recovery from strong workouts or illnesses