Why is Sleeping Duck so expensive?

However, our review of the Sleeping Duck found it is more expensive than competing foam mattresses. This is likely due to the custom firmness feature and high-quality Australian made foam. Recently awarded the top mattress in independent testing by CHOICE, we believe the price may be worth a good night’s sleep.

Does Sleeping Duck remove old mattress?

We currently only offer old mattress removal services in premium delivery areas, if premium delivery has been chosen. You can find out more about premium delivery here.

Does Sleeping Duck sag?

Great Comfort, Great Quality – Rad I slept in it one night and was really impressed how comfortable it was. When my old materress started to sag and I started getting back aches I turned to Sleeping Duck. From the very first night I was extremely happy. The stiffness and aches in my back went away after a few days.

Is Sleeping Duck made in Australia?

The Koala is a brand that is just over 6 years old, manufacturing its products from within Australia. On the other hand, Sleeping Duck is a newer, Chinese-assembled brand, also based in Australia. So, both are Australian-based, and both offer mattresses of incredible quality.

Does Sleeping Duck ever go on sale?

Sleeping Duck Mattress Sale Sleeping Duck doesn’t really go on sale.

Is Sleeping Duck Made in China?

Main differences: Koala is made in Australia; Sleeping Duck in China. Sleeping Duck comes in medium and firm, or half/half, while the Koala is pretty firm.

What is the best mattress in Australia?

The Top Ten Mattresses in Australia

  • Koala Mattress ⏤ Best Mattress Overall.
  • Emma Mattress ⏤ Best Budget-Friendly Mattress.
  • NOA Mattress ⏤ Best Soft Mattress.
  • OneBed Mattress ⏤ Best Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Ecosa Mattress ⏤ Best Kid-Friendly Mattress.
  • ErgoFlex Mattress.
  • Eva Mattress.
  • Sleep Republic Mattress.

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Is Sleeping Duck waterproof?

Despite not being fully waterproof, it’s a great balance, offering a high level of protection, whilst still remaining optimally breathable for the driest sleep environment.

What is the most comfortable mattress in Australia?

The best soft mattress on the Australian market is the NOA Mattress, another hybrid mattress that starts with a breathable Tencel pillow-top and combines comfortable open-cell latex, cooling gel memory foam for extra plushness, and supportive pocket springs. All this for a very reasonable price.

Does sleeping duck ever go on sale?

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