Why is my smart ink not working?

If the Tablet PC components are turned on but the SMART Ink plug-ins are still not working correctly, make sure the SMART Ink plug-ins are enabled (see Enabling the SMART Ink plug-ins). If the SMART Ink plug-ins are repaired but are still not working correctly, ask your system administrator to reinstall SMART Ink.

How do I download smart ink?

You can download the installer from the SMART website….

  1. Go to smarttech.com/software.
  2. Click Choose a version under SMART Product Drivers and Ink, and then select the latest version of the software for your operating system.
  3. Click Download. The Save As window opens.
  4. Save the file to a temporary location on your computer.

How do I reset my SMART Board pen?

Disconnect the power cable from the back of the pen tray and reconnect it after a few seconds. Press the Reset button briefly (less than three seconds) on the bottom of the pen tray. All the pen tray indicator lights flash sequentially twice and the interactive whiteboard resets.

How do I fix my SMART Board?

Connect the USB cable to a different USB receptacle on the computer. Install the latest version of SMART Product Drivers on the connected computer. Install the latest firmware. Reset the interactive whiteboard by disconnecting the power cable, waiting a few seconds, and then reconnecting the power cable.

How do you activate a Smartboard pen?

  1. Click the Windows icon on your desktop.
  2. Click the Smart Technologies drop-down arrow from the list of programs.
  3. Right-Click SMART Ink.
  4. Choose Pin to taskbar.
  5. Go back to the desktop.
  6. Click the SMART ink icon and see if the pen works.

How do you activate a SMART Board pen?

How do I access smart ink?

Select Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies. 2. Select SMART Ink. SMART Ink starts and the SMART Ink toolbar appears in the title bar of each open window.

How do I install SMART drivers?

Where are the Smart ink settings in Windows 10?

In Windows 8.1 operating system, go to the Apps screen and then scroll to and tap SMART Technologies > SMART Ink Settings. In Windows 10 operating system, select Start > All apps, and then scroll to and select SMART Technologies > SMART Ink Settings. The SMART Ink Settings window appears. Tap General Settings.

How do I Turn Off Smart ink on my computer?

To turn off SMART Ink for a window or an application, start SMART Ink (see Using the SMART Ink floating toolbar) and connect your computer to a SMART interactive product. Tap in the top-right corner of the window, and then select Turn off SMART Ink.

Who is having a problem with smart ink?

Ed Davies (Customer) asked a question. I work at a school, and we’re having a problem with Smart Ink.

Can you use smart ink on a computer?

SMART Ink is for use with an interactive product. If the computer on which SMART Ink is installed is not connected to an interactive product, such as a SMART Board, you cannot use SMART Ink. You can use SMART Ink to write or draw on most windows. However, there may be times where you wish to turn off SMART Ink.