Why did Arda Turan leave Barcelona?

He was never told, precisely, why he was no longer in favor; he simply was not selected to play. In January 2018, he was sent on loan to Basaksehir. The message was not subtle: the loan extended across the remaining two and a half years of his contract. “The most important thing is to feel valued,” Turan said.

Is Arda Turan still a Barca player?

Arda Turan has spoken about his immediate plans in football and made it clear that technically speaking, he is still a Barcelona player.

Where is Arda Turan now?

Galatasaray S.K.#66 / Midfielder
Arda Turan/Current teams

How many games did Arda Turan play for Barcelona?

Arda Turan

Personal information
2004–2011 Galatasaray 130
2006 → Manisaspor (loan) 15
2011–2015 Atlético Madrid 128
2015–2020 Barcelona 36

What is the meaning of Turan?

The Land of Tur
Turan (Avestan: Tūiriiānəm‎, Middle Persian: Tūrān‎; Persian: توران‎, romanized: Turân, pronounced [t̪ʰuːˈɾɒːn], “The Land of Tur”) is a historical region in Central Asia. The term is of Iranian origin and may refer to a particular prehistoric human settlement, a historic geographical region, or a culture.

How old is Arda Turan?

34 years (January 30, 1987)
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Is Turan a country?

According to the legend (bottom right of the map), Turan encompasses regions including modern Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and northern parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This area roughly corresponds to what is called Central Asia today.

Is Turan a Turkish name?

Iranian, Turkish, etc.: ethnic name for someone from Turan, a region of central Asia, said to have been named for Tur, son of Faridun, a legendary king of Persia who ruled around 750 bc.

Is Turan Islamic name?

What is the meaning of Turan? Turan is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Turan name meanings is Brave.

Is Japan a Turanic?

Pseudoscientific theories. Turanism has been characterized by pseudoscientific theories. According to these theories, “Turanians” include Bulgarians, Estonians, Mongols, Finns, Turks, and even Japanese people and Koreans, who are alleged to share Ural-Altaic origins.

Which country is known as Turan?

What kind of name is Turan?