Who won the Russian election in 2012?

2012 Russian presidential election

Nominee Vladimir Putin Gennady Zyuganov
Party United Russia CPRF
Home state Moscow Moscow
Popular vote 45,602,075 12,318,353
Percentage 64.35% 17.38%

What was the main result of the 2011 Duma election?

Legislative elections were held in Russia on 4 December 2011. United Russia won the elections with 49.32% of the vote, taking 238 seats or 52.88% of the Duma seats. This result was down from 64.30% of the vote and 70% of the seats in the 2007 elections.

Who is Putin’s number 2?

Dmitry Medvedev
First Deputy Viktor Zubkov Igor Shuvalov Anton Siluanov
Preceded by Vladimir Putin
Succeeded by Mikhail Mishustin
Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Union State

What party is in power in Russia?

United Russia is the largest party in Russia, and as of 2021 it holds 324 (or 72%) of the 450 seats in the State Duma, having constituted the majority in the chamber since 2007. The party formed in December 2001 through a merger of the Unity and the Fatherland – All Russia parties.

Was there a presidential election in 2002?

The 2002 United States elections were held on November 5, in the middle of Republican President George W. Bush’s first term. The elections remain the most recent mid-term in which the president’s party did not lose control of at least one house of Congress.

Who is China cm?

Xi Jinping
Assumed office 15 November 2012
Preceded by Hu Jintao
President of the People’s Republic of China

What country does Medvedev come from?

Daniil Medvedev

Full name Daniil Sergeyevich Medvedev
Native name Дании́л Серге́евич Медве́дев
Country (sports) Russia
Residence Monte Carlo, Monaco

Who are the candidates for president of Russia?

Campaigning 1 Sergey Mironov. A Just Russia nominee called for a return to a socialist model of government. 2 Mikhail Prokhorov. Mikhail Prokhorov conducted a tour around the country, meeting with his supporters in various cities. 3 Vladimir Putin. 4 Vladimir Zhirinovsky. 5 Gennady Zyuganov.

When did Medvedev become Prime Minister of Russia?

Putin immediately offered Medvedev the opportunity to stand on the United Russia ticket in the parliamentary elections in December 2011 and become Prime Minister at the end of his presidential term. All independents had to register by 15 December 2011, and candidates nominated by parties were required to register by 18 January 2012.

Where was the protest in Russia in 2012?

On 11 March 2012 approximately 15,000–20,000 protesters demonstrated in Novy Arbat street against perceived fraud and Putin’s rule. MP Ilya Ponomaryov, a protest coordinator, described the protesters’ plans: “We must be the government’s constant nightmare and build up to a crescendo of protests at the time of Putin’s inauguration in early May.”