Who Won Copa Libertadores 2007?

Club Atlético Boca Juniors
2007 Copa Libertadores/Champion

Does Copa Libertadores have away goals?

Unlike most other competitions around the world, the Copa Libertadores historically did not use extra time, or away goals.

Who won the Copa Libertadores 2020?

Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras
2020 Copa Libertadores/Champion
Since the soccer competition “CONMEBOL Libertadores” was founded in 1960, the Argentinian soccer team Club Atlético Independiente, based in the city of Avellaneda, has won a record of seven championships. In 2020, the Brazilian soccer club SE Palmeiras won this competition for the second time.

How is away goal calculated?

The away goals rule is a method of tiebreaking in association football and other sports when teams play each other twice, once at each team’s home ground. By the away goals rule, the team that has scored more goals “away from home” wins, if the total goals scored by each team are otherwise equal.

Has Messi won any international trophy?

Messi has won his first international trophy after making his debut at this stage in 2006. World Cup: 2006 (quarter-final), 2010 (quarter-final), 2014 (runners-up), 2018 (last 16). Copa America: 2007 (runners-up), 2011 (quarter-final), 2015 (runners-up), 2016 (runners-up), 2019 (semi-final), 2021 (winners).

Who is the most winner of Copa America?

Argentina national football team
Copa América/Latest Champion