Who were the teachers in Grange Hill?


  • Angela Keele.
  • Peter Robson.
  • Ginny Booth.
  • Jeff Hankin.

What was the PE teacher called in Grange Hill?

Geoff Baxter
Mr Geoff “Bullet” Baxter, was a PE teacher and Deputy Headteacher at Grange Hill, from 1979 to 1986, played by Michael Cronin.

Who was the headmaster in Grange Hill?

Maurice Bronson was a French teacher and Deputy Headteacher at Grange Hill from 1985 to 1989, played by Michael Sheard….

Maurice Bronson
Last Episode Series 12 (Episode 20
Series Series 8 (1985) Series 9 (1986) Series 10 (1987) Series 11 (1988) Series 12 (1989)
Number of Episodes 92
Played By Michael Sheard

Who played Josh in Grange Hill?

He guest starred in an episode of Holby City as a character called Frankie Moores. Joshua has filmed episodes for series 5 of Waterloo Road. Brown was born in Leeds and grew up in Batley….Filmography (selection)

Year 2005–2008
Title Grange Hill
Role Alex Pickering
Notes TV Series, 66 episodes, Lead

What happened Joann Kenny?

She can also be seen in the videos for The Mobiles’ 1981 single Drowning in Berlin and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s Genetic Engineering (1983). You can watch a video tribute to Joann here. * Some reports claim she died of cancer, but her death certificate apparently reads as this.

Who was zammo’s girlfriend in Grange Hill?

Jacqueline “Jackie” Wright is a student at Grange Hill School from 1984 to 1987, played by Melissa Wilks….

Jackie Wright
Relationships Zammo McGuire (Boyfriend) Banksy Banks (Ex-Boyfriend)
School Brookdale School Grange Hill School

Who from Grange Hill has died?

Cast member Laura Sadler, who was heavily involved in this storyline, died after falling out of a building in June 2003; four years earlier her Grange Hill character Judi Jeffreys had been killed after slipping and falling out of the window of a burning storeroom in the school.

Is Grange Hill a real school?

Grange Hill was originally filmed at real schools in London. The first of these was Kingsbury High School in North London, which was used as the Grange Hill setting for the first two series.

Who played Jane in Grange Hill?

Joann Kenny
Jane Bishop is a student at Grange Hill School from 1985 to 1988, played by Joann Kenny….

Jane Bishop
Series Series 8 (1985) Series 9 (1986) Series 10 (1987) Series 11 (1988)
Number of Episodes 38
Played By Joann Kenny

Who got pregnant in Grange Hill?

Chrissy Mainwaring’s Teenage Pregnancy was a storyline that started in Series 14 and ended in Series 15. The storyline focused on Chrissy Mainwaring and Ted Fisk.

Who are the teachers in Grange Hill TV show?

Since 2003, there has been a reluctance to give teachers first names or to expand their roles in the show beyond teaching or keeping pupils in line. Two former pupils became staff members of Grange Hill in the show’s final years.

How old are the characters in Grange Hill?

This is a list of characters from the long-running BBC children’s series Grange Hill . * On joining the actors’ union Equity at the age of 16, it was necessary for some Grange Hill actors to change their professional names to avoid confusion with existing artists with the same name.

What’s the purpose of the Grange Hill wiki?

Grange Hill Wiki is a fanmade wiki which aims to be able to provide its visitors with detailed information on all the diffrent aspects of CBBC’s Grange Hill including characters, series, episodes, actors etc. This being a fanmade wiki means that any visitor that is free to edit.

What was the name of the new school in Grange Hill?

The change was explained on screen with an elaborate storyline whereby Grange Hill merged with rival schools Brookdale and Rodney Bennett to form a new school, Grange Hill. In Series 8 the merger had taken place and Grange Hill operated as a split-site school; the former Rodney Bennett building (Neptune House)…