Who was the first chairman of the Commission of Human Rights?

Justice Shri Ranganath Misra
Former Chairpersons and Members

S.No. Name Date of Assumption
1 Justice Shri Ranganath Misra 12.10.1993
2 Justice Shri M.N. Venkatachalliah 26.11.1996
3 Justice Shri J.S. Verma 04.11.1999
4 Dr. Justice A.S. Anand 17.2.2003

Who was the Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission?

Arun Kumar Mishra
National Human Rights Commission of India/Chairpersons

Who was the first Chairperson of the National Commission on Human Rights 5 points?

Justice Ranganath Misra
List of Chairpersons

Sr. No. Name Tenure
1. Justice Ranganath Misra 12 October 1993
2. Justice M N Venkatachaliah 26 November 1996
3. Justice J S Verma 4 November 1999
4. Justice A S Anand 17 February 2003

How many members are there in National Human Rights Commission?

The Commission consists of a Chairperson, five full-time Members and four deemed Members. The statute lays down qualifications for the appointment of the Chairperson and Members of the Commission.

How many members are there in human rights commission?

NHRC is a multi-member body which consists of a Chairman and seven other members. Out of the seven members, three are ex-officio member.

What are the 7 human rights in India?


  • Significance and characteristics.
  • Right to equality.
  • Right to freedom.
  • Right against exploitation.
  • Right to freedom of religion.
  • Right to life.
  • Cultural and educational rights.
  • Who is the present NHRC chairman of India?

    Justice Shri S. Rajendra Babu
    Justice Shri S. Rajendra Babu takes over as the New NHRC Chairperson | National Human Rights Commission India.

    Which state has no human rights commission?

    Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram and Nagaland have no human rights commissions.

    Who is the chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Caste?

    National Commission for Scheduled Castes

    Commission overview
    Headquarters New Delhi
    Minister responsible Virendra Kumar Khatik, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
    Commission executives Vijay Sampla, Chairman Arun Haldar, Vice-Chairman Anju Bala, Member Subhash Pardhi, Member
    Website https://ncsc.nic.in

    Who is the current chairman of national Human Rights Commission?

    The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is composed of a Chairperson and eight other members. Justice H. L. Dattu is the current chairman of the NHRC, and other than him, there are 3 members of th commission. What is the role of NHRC?

    When did National Human Rights Commission of India come into being?

    National Human Rights Commission came into being in October, 1993. In terms of Section 2 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, “human rights” means the rights relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed under the Constitution or embodied in the International Covenants and enforceable by courts in India.

    Who was the last chairman of the NHRC?

    Chairman and members. The last chairman of the NHRC was Justice H. L. Dattu, who completed his tenure on 2 December 2020. The other members were: Jyotika Kalra; Ex-officio members: Chairperson, National Commission for Scheduled Castes; Chairperson, National Commission for Scheduled Tribes

    What are the rights and responsibilities of NHRC?

    NHRC looks over the rights that are related to life, dignity, liberty and equality of the individual that is defined in Section 2 (1) of the PHR Act. They are guaranteed by the Constitution of India, embodied in the international covenants and are enforceable by the courts of India as well.