Who said puny God in Avengers?

Loki, incenses by Hulk’s show of brute force against him, yells at the gamma irradiated hero. The god chastises The Hulk for even attacking him as the “creature” is beneath him. However, his speech is cut short as Hulk proceeds to toss him around like a rag doll. After the beating, The Hulk delivers the quote.

What did Loki say to Hulk in The Avengers?

Loki : Enough! You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by… The Hulk : Puny god.

What movie is Hulk vs Loki?

Puny God – Hulk vs Loki Full Scene (Avengers) Movie Clip – YouTube.

Who is stronger Loki or Hulk?

The God of Mischief might not be the strongest supervillain on the planet, but he’s certainly able to conjure power that can subdue and stop the Hulk in mere seconds. In The Immortal Hulk: Great Power, a fight breakouts between Spider-Man, Hulk and Loki that lasts a single page.

Is Loki in The Hulk?

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) revealed his hilariously perfect revenge on Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in episode 2 but it’s doubtful the God of Mischief will ever be able to get his payback on the green goliath. Loki signed on to help Agent Mobius M.

Can Loki beat the Hulk?

Absolutely. Loki is a Frost Giant so he’s tough, but not nearly enough to survive a homicidal Hulk.

Is Loki afraid of Hulk?

Of course, fans know from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War that Loki never gets any kind of comeuppance on Hulk. Loki was, in fact, still terrified of the Hulk in Ragnarok when he was revealed to be the Grandmaster’s (Jeff Goldblum) champion on Sakaar.

Why did Loki look sick?

The theory: Loki fell prey to the Mind Stone A detail Thanos surprisingly failed to mention. Thanos may or may not have known that when giving it to Loki, but either way, the disheveled and sickly appearance of Loki upon his arrival in “Avengers” is pointed to as major evidence of some kind of corruption.