Who played Uncle Sunday Gunsmoke?

Gunsmoke : Uncle Sunday (1962) – Joseph Sargent | Cast and Crew | AllMovie.

Who played Sonny on Gunsmoke?

Sonny Shroyer
Shroyer in 2009
Born Otis Burt Shroyer Jr. August 28, 1935 Valdosta, Georgia, U.S.
Occupation Actor, Singer
Years active 1972–present

Who played Uncle Wesley on Gunsmoke?

Dabbs Greer
Dabbs Greer: Jonas, Mr. Jonas, Joe Bean, Uncle Wesley Photos (7)

What episode did Chester leave Gunsmoke?

His last episode, titled “Bently,” saw Chester leave Dodge City, Kan. to find a murderer following a suspicious deathbed confession.

Did the cast of Gunsmoke get along?

Despite very small differences in opinion, the cast had remained friendly during the show’s run. Arness passed away in 2011. He wrote, “James Arness: An Autobiography” in 2001 when he was 78.

Is anyone still alive from Gunsmoke?

Are they still alive? Sadly, no. James Arness, who played the towering and taciturn Marshal Matt Dillon for all 20 seasons of “Gunsmoke,” died in 2011. Indeed, the only surviving regular cast member of “Gunsmoke” is Buck Taylor, who played yet another Dillon sidekick, Newly O’Brien.

Did they drink real beer on Gunsmoke?

The Gunsmoke actors actually drank beer, but the whiskey was tea or colored water. Marshall Trimble is Arizona’s official historian and vice president of the Wild West History Association.

Did Amanda Blake wear a wig on Gunsmoke?

Did Amanda Blake wear a wig on Gunsmoke? She used falls and hair pieces to make herself look more ‘Kitty-like’, and continued to wear them in the series.

Who guest starred the most on Gunsmoke?

‘Gunsmoke’: Michael Landon’s Best Friend Victor French Held Record for Most Guest Appearances on the Show. Gunsmoke was on the air for two decades. So the beloved western relied on a bevy of guest stars. Victor French was there alongside Marshal Matt Dillon in Dodge City for 23 shows.

Did they really drink that much in the Old West?

Rather, as historian W.J. Rorabaugh wrote in his research on American alcohol consumption for The OAH Magazine of History: By 1700, the colonists drank fermented peach juice, hard apple cider, and rum, which they imported from the West Indies or distilled from West Indian molasses.

How much did James Arness make per episode of Gunsmoke?

During the early years of the series, Arness made $1,200 each episode filmed. As the seasons went on, and the show became more popular, the actor renegotiated his contract. By this time, Gunsmoke had won numerous awards, and Arness’ new contract reflected that.

Who was Chester’s uncle Sunday in Gunsmoke?

Chester gets a letter from his uncle Sunday, a ‘crook’, on his upcoming trip to Dodge city. When he arrives with a niece, he finds he has to watch them both or what they have planned just might work, at his expense. Did You Know?

Who are the actors in the movie Uncle Sunday?

1 Top cast. James Arness. Matt Dillon. Dennis Weaver. Chester. Milburn Stone. Doc. Amanda Blake. Kitty. Burt Reynolds. Quint. Henry Beckman. Uncle 2 Storyline. 3 Did you know. 4 Details. 5 Technical specs.

Where is the beauty mark on uncle Sunday’s face?

In the shots of Kitty, Uncle Sunday, and Matt in the Long Branch, you can see the square patch with Kitty’s ‘beauty mark’ applied to her right cheek. See more » This FAQ is empty. Add the first question.