Who owns Spring Creek Towers Brooklyn NY?

Starrett City Associates
The complex is owned by Starrett City Associates, which was originally headed by Disque Deane. Former U.S. President Donald Trump owns 4 percent of the complex, inherited from his father Fred Trump. Spring Creek Towers brought Trump revenue exceeding $5 million during the period between January 2016 and April 15, 2017.

How many buildings are in Spring Creek?

With approximately 5,881 units, Spring Creek Towers is home to more than 20,000 residents.

How safe is Starrett City?

The overall risk of crime in Starrett City is 76% lower than the National Average. As for weather, the average summer temperature is 76.9°F, while the average winter temperature is 32.6°F.

How much is Starrett City worth?

Starrett City, East New York’s sprawling 46-building housing complex, has officially been sold for $905 million.

How many residents does Starrett City have?

In 2019, there were an estimated 180,811 people in East New York/Starrett City, of which 4.0% of the population identified as Asian, 55.4% identified as Black, 34.9% identified as Hispanic, and 4.2% identified as white.

How many buildings are in Starrett City?

Situated on the southeastern edge of Brooklyn, adjacent to East New York, Canarsie, and Jamaica Bay, Starrett City is the largest federally subsidized housing development in the nation. The 46-building complex is a classic “tower-in-the-park” development, with structures covering only 16 percent of the 153-acre site.

Is East New York poor?

The poverty rate in East New York/Starrett City was 23.3% in 2019 compared to 16.0% citywide. Real median gross rent in East New York/Starrett City increased from $1,110 in 2006 to $1,220 in 2019. In 2019, the homeownership rate in East New York/Starrett City was 26.0%, lower than the citywide share of 31.9%.

Who are the owners of Starrett City?

For many years it was owned by Starrett City Associates, in which Donald Trump was a minority investor. In 2018, it was sold to Brooksville Company and Rockpoint Group.

Who was Starrett?

William Aiken Starrett, Jr. He was best known as the builder of the Empire State Building in New York City (1930–31). He was a principal officer of several companies associated with building approximately 200 notable buildings and skyscrapers in cities throughout the United States.

Does Trump own Starrett City?

A Forbes report detailing President Trump’s real estate holdings found that he still owns an estimated $437 million worth of residential property. After becoming president, Trump stepped back from operating the Trump Organization but retained ownership of the company.

When was Starrett built?

The 46 residential towers of Starrett City, along with parking garages, a power plant, sports center and shopping center, were built from 1972 to 1976 on a large, marshy, city-owned site in southeast Brooklyn.

Is East Brooklyn safe?

East New York comes in a relatively respectable 53rd in per capita crime out of 69 New York City neighborhoods in DNAinfo.com’s Crime & Safety Report. Unfortunately, major crimes are on the rise again in this struggling area, where nearly half the residents live in poverty.

Where are the Spring Creek Towers in Brooklyn?

Welcome to Spring Creek Towers. Located in the Spring Creek section of Brooklyn is one of New York’s foremost apartment complexes, Spring Creek Towers. An urban community situated on 153 acres of lush lawns, playgrounds, grassy fields, and tree-lined streets overlooking Jamaica Bay.

How to apply for Spring Creek Towers rental?

Contact us for an application. must be submitted to the rental office. income guidelines and specific screening criteria.

Where are the stores at Spring Creek Towers?

Gateway Center — a major shopping center– is located within walking distance or shuttle bus from Spring Creek Towers. Stores include J.C. Penney, BJ’s, T.J. Maxx, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, and much more.