Who killed Aegeus?

While visiting in Athens, King Minos’ son, Androgeus managed to defeat Aegeus in every contest during the Panathenaic Games. Out of envy, Aegeus sent him to conquer the Marathonian Bull, which killed him.

Why was Theseus killed?

When Theseus arrived in Athens, he had the misfortune of being recognized by the wrong person: not by his father Aegeus, but by his then-wife, the sorceress Medea. Obviously, Medea didn’t want Aegeus to be succeeded in his throne by a son from a previous marriage, so she resolved to kill Theseus.

What is Aegeus the god of?

Aegeus was the founder of the city of Athens in Greek mythology, and king of the city. After failing to produce a male heir to the throne with his first two wives, he went to the Oracle of Delphi, where he was given a particularly cryptic prophecy.

What kind of person is Aegeus?

king of Athens
Aegeus is the king of Athens and, apparently, an old friend of Medea’s. He is childless and eagerly desires the children Medea promises to help him and his wife to have.

Is Aegeus a God?

Aegeus, in Greek mythology, the son of Pandion and grandson of Cecrops. He was king of Athens and the father of Theseus. Aegeus drowned himself in the sea when he mistakenly believed his son to be dead. The sea was thereafter called the Aegean.

Who betrayed Theseus?

Now, in his later years he continues his bad behavior by kicking his wife, Hippolyta, to the curb to marry Ariadne’s sister, Phaedra. Of course, the theme of betrayal gets flipped on its head when Phaedra betrays Theseus by passing love notes to his son, Hippolytus.

What is Aegeus Medea?

Seeking a cure for his sterility, Aegeus was given advice in the form of a riddle by the Oracle, who told him “not to unstop the wineskin’s neck” (line 679). Pleading with Aegeus for sanctuary in Athens, Medea offers him a gift in exchange–magical drugs that can restore his fertility.

What did Aegeus put under the rock?

King Aegeus was Theseus’ father, and he put a sword and some shoes under a great big rock. His father told his mother that once the boy grew up to be strong enough, he was to roll the stone away and then he could claim him as his father.

How is the death of Aegeus related to his death?

His death is related in the following manner: When Theseus went to Crete to deliver Athens from the tribute it had to pay to Minos, he promised his father that on his return he would hoist white sails as a signal of his safety.

When did Aegeus return to Athens from Crete?

Apulian red-figured volute-krater, ca. 410–400 BC, from Ruvo (South Italy). After his adventures in Crete, Theseus returned by ship to Athens. His father, Aegeus previously had asked him to hang a white sail as a sign that Theseus is alive, but Theseus neglected this request.

How did Medea convince King Aegeus to have Theseus poisoned?

Medea knew who Theseus was, and convinced the king to have the young hero poisoned. But before Theseus drank the poisoned wine, Aegeus recognised the sword his son worn at his side, instantly knocked the wine from his son’s hand.

Who was the son of Aegeus and Medea?

In Athens, Aegeus married Medea, who had fled from Jason, and had a son together, named Medus. Later, the prince of Crete, Androgeus, visiting Athens, was killed in a contest with Aegeus, enraging King Minos who declared war on Athens.