Who is the saint for June 28th?

June 28. Irenaeus (/ɪrɪˈneɪəs/; Greek: Εἰρηναῖος Eirēnaios; c. 130 – c. 202 AD) was a Greek bishop noted for his role in guiding and expanding Christian communities in the southern regions of present-day France and, more widely, for the development of Christian theology by combating heresy and defining orthodoxy.

What is St Irenaeus famous quote?

“The glory of God is the human person fully alive.” “Error, indeed is never set forth in its naked deformity, lest, being thus exposed, it should at once be detected.

What did St Irenaeus teach about Jesus?

St Irenaeus’ teaching about Jesus St Irenaeus showed how Jesus, the incarnate Word, is a meeting point between God and humanity. ‘He revealed God to men and presented men to God’ ‘Life in man is the glory of God; the life of man is the vision of God’. The Son (Jesus) was with the Father (God) from the beginning.

Where is St Irenaeus buried?

Saint Irenaeus Byzantine Catholic Church, Lyon, France
Irenaeus/Place of burial

What saint day is June 29?

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul or Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul is a liturgical feast in honour of the martyrdom in Rome of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which is observed on 29 June.

What does it mean the glory of God is man fully alive?

Ireneaus in saying, “The glory of God is man fully alive, but the life of man is the vision of God.” Human action takes on an even greater significance when we consider this statement, for, if God’s glory is man fully alive, man’s life must be a noble thing.

What are life rules?

What is a rule of life? A rule of life is a schedule and set of practices and relational rhythms that help us create space in our busy world for us to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did—to live “to the full” ( John 10v10) in his kingdom, and in alignment with our deepest passions and priorities.

What can we learn from St Irenaeus?

Irenaeus believes that unless the Word became flesh, humans were not fully redeemed. He explains that by becoming man, Christ restored humanity to being in the image and likeness of God, which they had lost in the Fall of man.

Is St Irenaeus a Doctor of the Church?

No martyr is in the list, since formerly the Office and the Mass were for Confessors. Hence, as Benedict XIV pointed out, Ignatius of Antioch, Irenaeus of Lyons, and Cyprian of Carthage are not called Doctors of the Church. The Doctors’ works vary greatly in subject and form.

Is 29 June a holy day of obligation?

Peter and St. Paul.

What is the feastday of St Peter and St Paul?

June 29th
This feast day is celebrated on June 29th. The day commemorates the martyrdom of two saints, the two great Apostles, Saint Peter and St. Paul, assigned by tradition to the same day of June in the year 67.

What makes a person fully alive?

Someone who is fully alive is fully in charge of their outlook on life. They always wake up on the right side of the bed and choose to have a positive attitude. They know that happiness is an inside job.

Where was st.irenaeus of Smyrna born?

Irenaeus was born in Asia, most probably in the city of Smyrna, in the first part of the 3rd century; in 177, he went to the Roman region of Gaul in Western Europe. As a young man he was a disciple St Polycarp, who had learned the Gospel from St John the Apostle.

Who was Saint Irenaeus and what did he do?

Irenaeus was from Asia Minor and a disciple of Saint Polycarp, a martyr-bishop of Smyrna, who was himself a disciple of Saint John the Evangelist. The voice of Saint Irenaeus is, then, the very last, remote echo of the age of the Apostles.

Why was Saint Ireneus chosen to be the second Bishop of Lyons?

A hundred times he exposed himself to martyrdom by his zeal, acting as the right arm of the aging bishop, but God was reserving that crown for him twenty-five years later. When Saint Pothinus had glorified God by his splendid martyr’s death in the year 177, Ireneus was chosen to be the second bishop of Lyons.

Who was the Bishop of Lion and martyr?

St. Irenaeus, Bishop of Lion and Martyr 28 June St. Irenaeus, Apostolic nunciature to France Irenaeus was born in Asia, most probably in the city of Smyrna, in the first part of the 3rd century; in 177, he went to the Roman region of Gaul in Western Europe.