Who is Andrea Tantaros and what does she do?

Andrea Tantaros. Andreana Kostantina Tantaros (born December 30, 1978) is an American conservative political analyst and commentator. She was a co-host of Outnumbered on Fox News Channel, and an original co-host of The Five. She sued Fox News in August 2016, claiming sexual harassment. The case was dismissed in court in May 2018.

Who is the judge in the Andrea Tantaros case?

Andrea Tantaros has asked federal judge Andrew Carter, of the Southern District of New York, to certify his December decision that keeps her case in federal court so that she can appeal it to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Should the case stay in federal court, it appears likely to head to arbitration.

When did Andrea Tantaros speak at Time Warner Center?

Political and Media Commentator Andrea Tantaros speaks during Time Warner’s Political Conference 2008 at the Time Warner Center on October 14, 2008… Harmony Allen and Andrea Tantaros pose with their pro_bush T-shirts in front of Madison Square Garden during the third day of Republican National…

When did Andrea Tantaros start suing Fox News?

In August 2016, Tantaros launched a lawsuit against the network claiming that she had told executives that she was sexually harassed by Fox News CEO Roger Ailes in 2015. Tantaros made similar claims against disgraced Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and actor Dean Cain.

When did Andrea Tantaros move to Washington DC?

After returning from Paris in 2003, Tantaros moved to Washington, D.C. Tantaros worked as a spokeswoman for Massachusetts Governor William Weld, then Congressman Pat Toomey and former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Thomas Reynolds.

What did Andrea Tantaros say about Bill O’Reilly?

The lawsuit also claimed that Bill O’Reilly, Dean Cain, and Scott Brown made inappropriate comments to her, and that Brown and Cain touched her without her consent. Her amended complaint, filed on January 29, 2018, contained details intended to back up her claims of a culture of harassment—including spying on employees—at the network.

Why did Andrea Tantaros file a lawsuit against Fox?

After her harassment claim was removed to arbitration, Tantaros filed a separate lawsuit against Fox News claiming she was the subject of harassment by surveillance, including the wiretapping of communication devices. Fox News and the other defendants will file a motion to dismiss by May 22.

What did Andrea Tantaros say about Roger Ailes?

She alleges the late Ailes made disparaging comments about her body, made sexual advances towards her and banished her to a “graveyard” on-air time slot when she rejected him. Tantaros also alleges she was sexually harassed by former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly, according to court filings and news reports.

Why was Andrea Tantaros lawsuit against Fox News dismissed?

Tantaros also claims that he fed information about her (and the book) to Fox News in violation of her confidentiality agreement with him as her editor. The lawsuit was dismissed. Krechmer appealed the dismissal and lost the appeal, too.