Who has won most titles in Scotland?

As of 2021, Rangers have won 55 and Celtic 51, while no other club has won the title on more than four occasions. No club outside the Old Firm has won the title since the 1984–85 season, when the Aberdeen side managed by Alex Ferguson won the Premier Division.

Who has won most trophies in Scottish football?

Rangers’ 54 total Scottish league championships—including one shared with Dumbarton FC in 1891—is more than any other team. The club has also won the Scottish Cup 33 times overall.

Who has won more league titles Celtic or Rangers?

The two rivals, who are collectively known as the “Old Firm”, have claimed the vast majority of league titles. As of 2021, Rangers have won 55 and Celtic 51, while no other club has won the title on more than four occasions.

What teams have won the SPL?


Season Winners Runners-up
2017–18 Celtic Aberdeen
2018–19 Celtic Rangers
2019–20 Celtic Rangers
2020–21 Rangers Celtic

Who is the best football team in Scotland?

Updated after matches played on 10 October 2021

Rank Club / Country Points
1 Rangers Scotland 1713
2 Celtic Scotland 1610
3 Hibernian Scotland 1456
4 Aberdeen Scotland 1408

How many times have Celtic won 9 in a row?

Celtic are the only European club to win nine consecutive titles on two separate occasions, and in no other country has such a total been achieved more than twice (either by a single club or multiple clubs).

How many times has Celtic won 9 in a row?

Who has won the most trebles Rangers or Celtic?

Between them the two clubs have won 106 Scottish League championships (Rangers with 55 and Celtic with 51), 73 Scottish Cups (Celtic with 40 and Rangers with 33), and 46 Scottish League Cups (Rangers with 27 and Celtic with 19)….Old Firm.

Most wins Rangers (167)
Largest victory Celtic 7–1 Rangers (19 October 1957)

When did Rangers last win a trophy?

Rangers won the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1972 after being losing finalists twice, in 1961 (the first British club to reach a UEFA tournament final) and 1967….Rangers F.C.

Full name Rangers Football Club
Chairman Douglas Park
Manager Steven Gerrard
League Scottish Premiership
2020–21 Scottish Premiership, 1st of 12 (champions)

Who’s more successful Rangers or Celtic?

Honours table

Rank Club Total
1 Rangers 116
2 Celtic 111
3 Aberdeen 19
4 Heart of Midlothian 16

Which Scottish football team has the most fans?

Football Ground Map Statistics – Best-Supported Teams

# Team Number of Supporters
1 Celtic 955
2 Rangers 867
3 Aberdeen 414
4 Hearts 306

What is the Scottish Football League called?

The Scottish Professional Football League ( SPFL) is the national men’s association football league in Scotland. The league was formed in June 2013 following a merger between the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League.

What is the Scottish Cup trophy?

The Scottish Cup trophy is the oldest national trophy and also the oldest association football trophy in the world. It was made by silversmith George Edward & Sons in Glasgow and has been presented to the winners of the tournament since 1874. The solid silver trophy is 50 cm in height and weighs 2.25 kg.

What is a Scottish Football League?

The Scottish football league system is a series of generally unconnected leagues for Scottish football clubs. The Scottish system is more complicated than many other national league systems, consisting of several completely separate systems or ‘grades’ of leagues and clubs, with Senior football, Junior football,…

What is Scottish Football?

The Scottish Professional Football League is a four tier football league system consisting of 42 teams. There are 12 team in the top tier, the Scottish Premiership , and 10 in each of the lower three tiers, named the Scottish Championship, Scottish League One and Scottish League Two.