Who are the newscasters on Channel 3?

News Team

  • David Whisenant. News Reporter.
  • Jamie Boll. News Anchor.
  • Cheryl Brayboy. QC@3 Co-Host.
  • John Carter. News Anchor.
  • Courtney Cole. Education Reporter.
  • Steve Crump. Reporter.
  • Dee Dee Gatton. First at Four Anchor, Investigative Reporter.
  • Alex Giles. Reporter, News Anchor.

Who left Channel 3 WFSB?

anchor Dennis House
Two weeks ago WFSB-TV3 started to clean house, parting ways with 28-year veteran anchor Dennis House. And the house cleaning hasn’t stopped. WFSB announced Thursday that it was making further staffing cuts. The biggest name to hit the exit ramp was Eric Parker, the co-anchor of the morning news.

Who is the new weather girl on WFSB Channel 3?

Melissa Cole is an Emmy-nominated Reporter and Meteorologist for WFSB. You can see her feature stories weekly on Better Connecticut.

What happened to Katie fehlinger on Channel 3?

Fehlinger left CBS 3 because she wasn’t happy, not at all. In the almost 15 months since leaving the station Fehlinger has published a book and started a couple of successful YouTube channels.

Where is Eric Parker now?

Old Lyme’s Eric Parker returns to Channel 3 to host new Sunday morning show, “CT’21”

Who recently left Channel 3 news?

Four well-known, on-air personalities were let go in the sweeping moves: weekend anchor Gerard Ramalho, daytime anchor Heather Mills, weekend weatherman Jerry Brown and sports anchor/reporter Amber Dixon.

Where is Scott Haney?

After moving out of the large home he and Marte shared in Canton, Haney now lives in a townhouse in Hartford’s West End.

What happened Llarisa Abreu?

Currently, she is working on her second degree in Meteorology through Mississippi State University.

Is Eric Parker married?

Mary Kate Wargo and Eric Parker were married on August 5, 2006, at Saint Agnes Church in Niantic by Rev. Leszek Janik. A reception followed at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme. The bride is the daughter of Michael Wargo and the late Mary Ellen Wargo of Niantic.

How old is Kara Sunderland?

Today, Kara, 42, is an on-air fixture at WFSB, Channel 3, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, Connecticut. She is married and a mother.

Who are the anchors on Channel 3 News at 11?

Channel 3 News at 11 co-anchor, and weekday multimedia journalist. Ike Bendavid is an Emmy-nominated reporter entering his 4th year with WCAX-TV. Elissa Borden anchors the Channel 3 News Weekend Morning shows and is a multimedia journalist during the week. Erin Brown is an evening and weekend reporter for WCAX.

Who are the reporters for Channel 3 Eyewitness News?

Patricia Del Rio is an Emmy award winning journalist with 3 additional Emmy nominations. Sharon Johnson joined Channel 3 Eyewitness News in April 2020. Mike is an award-winning reporter who joined WFSB in 2019. Ayah Galal joined Channel 3 Eyewitness News in December 2018.

Who are the news anchors on WCAX channel 3?

Kayla Martin produces the Weekend Morning shows, and reports on Monday and Tuesdays. Originally from Maine, and loves to share inspiring stories about her new community. Céline McArthur is an award-winning television News Anchor and Investigative Reporter at WCAX-Channel 3 News.

Who are the anchors of KCRA 3 News?

News Team. 1 Anchors. Brandi Cummings Anchor/Reporter. Gulstan Dart Anchor/Reporter. Deirdre Fitzpatrick Anchor/Reporter. Lisa Gonzales Anchor/Reporter. Brian Heap 2 DC Bureau. 3 More. Ariel Roblin President & General Manager. 4 Reporters. 5 Sports.