Which is the funniest meme about the weekend?

The weekend is like a refresher for every person’s life. We all work six days a week to enjoy the weekend. This reaction is always amusing when you share this meme with your friends on Friday morning. If you have a friend that is waiting for a girls weekend, share this meme with him to crack him up.

What’s the best meme to share with friends?

Yet often, when you reach the weekend, it tends to fizzle out and not quite live up to your expectations. This is another hilarious weekend meme you can share with friends who don’t want to come back to work and still enjoy the weekend. Sharing this meme with those that love to party during the weekend.

Which is the best meme for Memorial Day weekend?

Lol, share this meme with your colleague to put a smile on their faces. One of the best moment for the a student is when he/she is working out of the school on Friday, lol, ready for the weekend. Memorial Day is much more than just a three-day weekend and a chance to get the year’s first sunburn.

Is it a blessing or a curse to have a long weekend?

Long weekends are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you don’t have work on Monday. On the other, you now want to die twice as much Tuesday morning. If you have a friend that always rejoice anytime there is three days weekend, share this meme with him or her.

What’s the best thing about a long weekend?

After a long week of hard work, nothing is more comforting to know that the weekend is finally here. Two days of bliss is something to celebrate and weekend memes are instantly relatable. Long weekends are even better since they offer three beautiful days of bliss and that extra day off is just enough to make weekends even more epic.

What’s the best way to wish someone a happy weekend?

When wishing someone something pleasant, you should put some feeling, emotion into it by sharing this meme with them. The best you can ever get on a happy weekend is to cherish meme sent to you from your friends. Sending meme for a friend is proof of participating in the celebration of a Saturday-to-Sunday rest.