Where is the Southern Water Tribe in Legend of Korra?

the South Pole
The Southern Water Tribe is an independent state located at the South Pole and is the southern division of the Water Tribes. A federation of several smaller tribes, the South is ruled by a Council of Elders, who also elect the tribe’s chief.

Is Korra from the southern or northern water tribe?

After the death of Aang, Korra is born among the Southern Water Tribe, her bending abilities over Water, Earth and Fire manifesting by age 4.

Who is chief of the Southern Water Tribe?

Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, Tonraq’s younger brother, and Korra’s uncle, Unalaq is a solemn man carrying a lot of responsibility.

What was the Southern Water Tribe like before the war?

Before the Hundred Year War, the Southern Water Tribe was not a great power like its sister tribe, but was still thriving. It had a unique culture and waterbending style. While not a united state but rather an alliance of small chiefdoms, the tribe was centered in one large inland city.

Is Korra related to Yue?

The chief of the Northern Water Tribe was a hereditary male position. This man would have been Tonraq’s father, Korra’s grandfather, which makes Yue and Korra first cousins twice removed. …

How old is Zuko?

Zuko. The exiled prince of the Fire Nation is 16-years-old throughout the entire series. He was 13-years-old when he was banished from his home and sent off to search for the missing Avatar.

What race is the Water Tribe in Avatar?

The Water Tribe is based on Inuit, Yupik, and Sirenik Eskimos cultures; the Fire Nation on Imperial Japan with Chinese and Korean cultural influences; the Air Nomads on Tibetan and Nepali Buddhist monks, the Tibetan culture, Buddhism and Hinduism; and the Earth Kingdom on Imperial China with Korean cultural influences.

Are Yue and Unalaq related?

A relative, possibly, but unless Yue herself had a child before she was 16, its unlikely Tonraq and Unalaq are her descendants.

What happens to the Southern Water Tribe in Avatar?

After a series of brutal Fire Nation raids, however, the South Pole was left devastated and nearly all the surviving waterbenders had been taken prisoner. By 99 AG, the Southern Water Tribe was on the brink of extinction, with its culture shattered, its main city largely abandoned, and its unique waterbending style effectively erased.

Where are the children of the Southern Water Tribe?

At least two other waterbending children, Siku and Sura, were later born and survived in hiding in a remote village east of the capital, deep in the South Pole’s interior away from the shoreline. By 99 AG, the Southern Water Tribe’s unity was broken, its people spread over a collection of small villages.

When did the Southern Water Tribe become independent?

However, the Southern Water Tribe achieved true independence only after the Water Tribe Civil War that Avatar Korra ended with the South’s independence. in 171 AG; before this, they had been an autonomous tribal confederation under the Northern Water Tribe ‘s jurisdiction.

Who was the protector of the Southern Water Tribe?

The Southern Water Tribe eventually disowned the entire family tree of Tagaka, head of Fifth Nation at the time. Regardless, Tagaka portrayed herself as protector of the Southern Water Tribe, and even attempted to get appointed as “Guardian of the South Pole”.