Where is Dimension X in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

In the 1987 cartoon, Dimension X is the home of several characters, most notably Krang, one of the series’ main antagonists. Krang typically uses the Dimensional Portal located inside the Technodrome for transportation between Dimension X and Earth, although other portals and means of travel are occasionally seen.

When does into Dimension X come out on Nick?

Into Dimension X! Into Dimension X! is the 24th episode of the second season, and the 50th episode of the series overall. It aired on September 19th, 2014. It became available on Nick.com on September 12, 2014.

Who are the monsters in the Dimension X?

There are also some dangerous monsters that live in Dimension X (example: Traag, Granitor, Sheldon, Kraathatrogons ). Dimension X appeared very briefly in the episode Showdown , as well as the Kraang Homeworld.

Why do the turtles have to go to Dimension X?

Slash (presumably as seen in Newtralized!) The Turtles need a breathing machine or tube to go to Dimension X because Dimension X has no oxygen like the Mobile Homeworlds of the Triceratons in the Mirage Comics and the 2003 Series. The gravity of Dimension X can sometimes take us back to where we came.

Who is Traag in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

In “Showdown,” Traag was seen guarding the portal when the Kraang upgraded it with a force field. When the Turtles tried to destroy it, they drew the attention of him and the Kraang, so Leonardo used the laser to disintegrate Traag. In “Into Dimension X,” Traag teamed up with Granitor to attack the Turtles near the Kraang’s facility in Dimension X.

Who are the bad guys in Dimension X?

Located on an unnamed planet or natural satellite, the Dimension X Penitentiary is where some of the worst criminals of Dimension X are being held. Convicts include Skaarg, Dementor, and the Dregma Brothers.