Where is Atos based?

Bezons, France
Atos is a French multinational information technology (IT) service and consulting company headquartered in Bezons, France and offices worldwide. It specialises in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services.

Who created Atos?

Atos BJJ Academy

Name Atos Jiu Jitsu
Founder(s) Ramon Lemos & Andre Galvao
Director Andre Galvao
First Black Belt(s) Rafael Mendes & Guilherme Mendes (2008)
Official Website atosjiujitsuhq.com

Is Worldline owned by Atos?

Since 2019: Worldline becomes an independent company Atos still remained Worldline’s main shareholder at 27% just ahead of the SIX Group but lost the possibility to control its finances.

Is Atos Origin a product based company?

It is both a product based and a service based company but mostly leaning towards services. It has good number of clients in India and Europe. The company is into transactional, Analytics and cloud services.

What does Atos mean in French?

Administratif, Technicien, Ouvrier et de Service (French: Administrative Staff, Technicians, and Service Workers) ATOS.

Is Worldline an acquirer?

As an acquirer, you can make a difference by providing your merchants with value-added services. equensWorldline can support you with a wide range of offerings in the field of ATM Acquiring, POS Acquiring and eCommerce Acquiring.

Why did Atos change its name?

Atos said this week: “Our new name better represents the work we do and explains that our role is to assess and process PIP cases.” But user Benny Fitzpatrick said the inaccuracy of assessments and the “systematic fleecing of UK taxpayers” was the reason for the name change.

Do Atos record medical assessments?

DWP has told its two private sector contractors, Atos and Capita, that all face-to-face PIP assessments will have to be recorded, although it seems that claimants will still have to request that their assessment is recorded, rather than it happening automatically.