Where do you recruit hostess in Yakuza 4?

You can recruit Hiyori from in front of Millennium Tower, Nanami from the Cuez Bar, and Kyoko from Bantam. You unlock Fashionista by purchasing all twenty-three different outfits while playing Hostess Maker.

Where is club Adam in Yakuza 4?

Adam is a host club in Kamurocho.

Where do I find Yasuko Yakuza 4?

Yakuza 4 Walkthrough Head to New Serena to talk with Yasuko. This is now Kiryu’s hideout in Kamurocho. As you leave, you’ll get a few side missions thrown at you.

How many Substories are there in Yakuza 4?

Yakuza 4 Substories. There are a total of sixty-two “substories” in Yakuza 4, with a sixty-third available once the others have all been cleared.

Where is the puppy Yakuza 3?

Kiryu splits from the other two to search the Hatsumachi part of town. He eventually catches up to the dog in the north-east part of Hatsumachi.

Who is the protagonist in Yakuza 4?

Characters. Yakuza 4 has three new protagonists in addition to Kazuma Kiryu, the main character since the original Yakuza game: Masayoshi Tanimura (Hiroki Narimiya/Toshiki Masuda), Shun Akiyama (Kōichi Yamadera) and Taiga Saejima (Rikiya Koyama).

How long does it take to beat Yakuza 4?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 312 21h 55m
Main + Extras 336 40h 47m
Completionists 22 99h 28m
All PlayStyles 670 33h 56m

How many Substories are there in Yakuza 5?

There are 78 Substories in Yakuza 5, which seems like quite a daunting number. Fortunately, Yakuza 5 makes keeping up with and completing them easy.

Who is Yasuko Yakuza?

Yasuko Saejima (冴島 靖子, Saejima Yasuko) is a supporting character in Yakuza 4. She introduces herself to Shun Akiyama as Lily. She is solely motivated by her desire to reunite with her incarcerated step-brother, Taiga Saejima.

Who stabbed Kiryu Yakuza 3?

Kiryu convinces Hamazaki that it’s not too late to mend his ways as long as he is alive, stretching his hand out as a sign of trust. Hamazaki walks towards Kiryu, stabbing him in his abdomen with a knife.

How do you get the sacred tree armor in Yakuza 4?

You can now obtain the three pieces of an armor set called “Sacred Tree” from Bob at Naomi’s Palace on Tenkaichi Street, and if Tanimura wears all three, he becomes completely immune to bullets. This doesn’t trivialize the encounter, but it removes its main complication.

Who is the hostess in Shine Yakuza 4?

Yes No Hide This hostess is for Akiyama to spend time with. When you first visit Shine, Rio will be the one to give you her card. Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand. She’s a half-Japanese, half-Portuguese woman who is trying to get famous through magazines. Order: Chocolate.

Where do you find Akiyama in Yakuza 4?

First thing he wants you to find is a good yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant. You can go there and research, or just go straight to Earth Angel to answer his questions. First, respond “Kanrai”, then “Grade A Sirloin”, then “Grade A Harami”. Leave the district and come back to the bar to find him again.

Where are all the substories in Yakuza 4?

This substory starts in Tenkaichi Alley, right in front of the blue building with the big happy fish on it. Once you reach this arbitrary location, Hana will call you back to the office. A customer has shown up. Head back and you’ll meet Mr. Unassuming Businessman, I mean Shiobara. Actually he’s looking to start a business.

Is there cabaret club management in Yakuza 2?

Quick clarification for folks who have played other examples of cabaret club management. This is one of the earlier examples of this kind of minigame. There was an even more stripped-down version in Yakuza 2 (the PS2 one), but the focus here is not the club itself, but the individual hostess, and training her up to be #1.