Where do I find labour market information?

Sources of LMI Labour market information comes in many types and forms. These include: Statistical agencies: like the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and the Northern Ireland Research and Statistics Agency (NISRA).

What is the local labour market?

In our approach, a local labour market represents the set of jobs for which an unemployed worker, currently in a particular location, will apply. Its size is determined by the cost of distance, measured as geographical distance, commuting time or commuting cost.

What causes a tight labour market?

If demand is high relative to supply, earnings will rise. In periods of relatively high demand, the labour market is ‘tight’. Unemployment will be low and there will be many unfilled job vacancies. When the supply of labour is relatively high, the market is ‘slack’ with few vacancies and lots of jobseekers.

What is the labour market conditions?

Definition: A labour market is the place where workers and employees interact with each other. In the labour market, employers compete to hire the best, and the workers compete for the best satisfying job. In this market, labour demand is the firm’s demand for labour and supply is the worker’s supply of labour.

What is good Labour market information?

When someone receives good labour market information that leads to a good decision, it benefits the individual, the employer and the economy. Clients need to know where the jobs are: the sectors , occupations and localities that where job opportunities are on the increase, and what skills are needed for them.

What is a tight Labour market?

When an economy is close to full employment and recruitment becomes difficult placing upward pressure on wages. Therefore the aggregate demand for labour curve shifts to the right as firms would like to employ more workers but the supply is not available. …

What are external labour markets?

noun [ C ] UK ( US external labor market) us. HR, WORKPLACE. the system by which a company looks outside its own organization to find a suitable person for a senior job, instead of giving the job to someone who is already working for the company at a lower level.

What are 5 factors that affect the labor market?

The five factors that affect the labor market are: social change, population shifts, world events, government actions, and the economy.

Is Italy a tight or loose labour market?

Temporary contracts account for most of the new jobs, heightening labour market insecurity. Italy performs close to the OECD average on job strain, with 30% of workers reporting heavy job demands and few resources to meet these demands. Labour market inclusiveness is weak.

What is labor market tightness?

Traditionally, economists have gauged labor market tightness by comparing the number of job openings with the number of unemployed people. In a recession, job openings become scarce and the ranks of the unemployed swell. There are more job openings and fewer unemployed people, so the labor market is tight.

What is the most common indicator in the labor market?

firms The most common indicator in the labor market is recessions.

Why is LMI so important?

Why is LMI important? LMI is pivotal to effective careers practice because high quality, impartial, current, expert knowledge about the labour market distinguishes careers support from other types of helping. It can also help when thinking about what the future might hold, so can support career decision making.

Where do I find the small area labour market?

The Small Area Labour Markets publication presents regional estimates of unemployment, labour force and the unemployment rate for the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) ABS Statistical Area Level 2s (SA2s) and Local Government Areas (LGAs). This dataset is provided by Department of Jobs and Small Business.

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How are Salm estimates used in the labour market?

The SALM Estimates have been smoothed using a four-quarter average to minimise the variability inherent in small area estimates. A description of the methodology used to prepare the estimates in this publication is available on the Explanatory Notes page. Caution:

How is the labour market adjusting to covid-19?

It is also worth bearing in mind that the labour market’s adjustment to COVID-19, and associated Government measures that were implemented, has only been reflected partially in changes in the level of unemployment and the unemployment rate.