When did Gibson stop making the Les Paul Supreme?

Gibson Les Paul Supreme Review. I bought this in 2008 and its a superb guitar; it is not even a custom shop model! Admittedly this is a limited edition and one of probably the last being made (2008) but it is easy to see that this guitar has cost big money and time to make.

What is Les Paul Supreme?

The Gibson Les Paul Supreme is a guitar that builds on over 60 years of innovation and honours the guitars that started it all! With a 24.75″ scale length and a rounded neck profile, it retains that classic Les Paul feel. The Tune-0-Matic bridge and stop bar tailpiece offer an authentic vintage vibe.

Is a Gibson Les Paul a good investment?

Many vintage guitar purchases have proven to be exceptional investments. Take a 1956 Gibson Les Paul “Gold Top” that originally sold for about $400. Of course, predicting that a particular guitar was going to be worth 100 times its original value would only be possible if you can time travel.

Are there fake Gibson Les Pauls?

Fake Gibsons may have fretboard binding, but it is almost unheard of for them to get it right. On a genuine Gibson Les Paul, the fretboard binding should actually cover the edges of the frets. If there is binding and it does not protrude over the frets, you are dealing with a counterfeit.

How can you tell a fake Gibson J 45?

How to spot a fake Gibson:

  1. Measure the guitar to check if it’s undersized.
  2. Examine headstock and headstock logo to determine that they match those of authentic Gibson guitars.
  3. Check to see that all pearl is inlaid.
  4. Check that Les Paul model script is always in cursive.
  5. Verify that there’s not a 3-screw truss rod cover.

Is Slash Les Paul Worth the money?

While the Slash Les Paul Standard has a little more heat in the pickups, it is ultimately a classic LP in sound and feel. You don’t need to be a fan of Guns N’ Roses to love it. And at this price, for a few dollars more than the main run of Les Paul Standards, these offer good value for money.