What rides do they have at Pleasurewood Hills?

Cannonball ExpressFireballShiver m’ TimbersDouble Deck Carousel
Pleasurewood Hills Family Theme Park/Rides

How many rides are there at Pleasurewood Hills?

35 rides
Pleasurewood Hills offers over 35 rides, shows and attractions. There’s something for everyone whether you’re a thrill seeker or enjoy a leisurely family day out.

Is fireball still at Pleasurewood Hills?

Fireball is a Frisbee ride located at Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, UK. It is an Afterburner from Dutch manufacturer KMG….Fireball (Pleasurewood Hills)

Pleasurewood Hills
Location Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, UK
Status Standing but not operating
Operated 2004 to 2020
Height restriction 1.4 m

Why is fireball closed at Pleasurewood Hills?

Pleasurewood Hills’ Fireball ordered to close after accident in US kills man and injures seven. Five rides have been closed at UK theme parks – including Pleasurewood Hills in Suffolk – after a fatal accident in the US.

Does pleasurewood Hills have lockers?

Lockers can be hired on the day of your visit and cost £3 for the day. Kiddy Karts can also be hired for £5 per day. To hire mobility scooters, lockers or kiddy karts, please visit the Gift Shop which can be found opposite the parrot show entrance.

How tall is Jolly Roger pleasurewood Hills?

You’ll be taken straight up to a height of 40 metres where you’ll have the best view of the park. On a clear day you may even get a glimpse of the sea before the exhilarating ride back down to earth which takes just 0.8seconds and reaches 5.5g.

Is parking free at Pleasurewood Hills?

Pleasurewood Hills offers free parking for cars and coaches. Disabled parking is near to reception and the Park entrance. The parking is a gravelled area leading to tarmac roads and pathways. Mobility scooters are available for hire for a cost of £15 per day.