What is Transfixation ligature?

4 The transfixing ligature is always placed distal to the first ligature since the latter ligature requires needle. penetration of the vessel; the first circumferential ligature safely occludes the vessel. 3. Use a 3-forceps technique, if clamping pedicles before ligation.

What is a circumferential ligature?

Circumferential LigatureThe circumferential ligature pattern can be used to ligate isolated vessels and small pedicles. This pattern is performed by encircling the vessel or pedicle with the suture and tying a secure knot; this is often performed in the crush of a clamp.

What is Transfixation in surgery?

Medical Definition of transfixion : a piercing of a part of the body (as by a suture, nail, or other device) in order to fix it in position.

What does suture ligature mean?

In surgery or medical procedure, a ligature consists of a piece of thread (suture) tied around an anatomical structure, usually a blood vessel or another hollow structure (e.g. urethra) to shut it off.

What ligation means?

1a : the surgical process of tying up an anatomical channel (as a blood vessel) b : the process of joining together chemical chains (as of DNA or protein) 2 : something that binds : ligature.

What is the purpose of a stay suture?

Stay sutures are temporary surgical sutures which are placed during operation to hold or manipulate the operating area. In cases of ocular surgery, tracheostomy, suprapubic cystolithotomy, appendicectomy, ureterolithotomy, or choledocholithotomy stay sutures can be given.

What is muscle Transfixion?

(trans-fik’shŭn), A maneuver in amputation in which the knife is passed from side to side through the soft parts, close to the bone, and the muscles are then divided from within outward.

Are ligatures still used?

Now, with modern printing and desktop publishing, ligatures are rarely used. When they are, it is simply out of stylistic preference.

What is a ligature used for?

Ligature: Material used to tie something in surgery. Ligatures are used to tie off blood vessels, and they may be made of silk, gut, wire, or other materials.

What is the purpose of ligation?

In molecular biology, ligation refers to the joining of two DNA fragments through the formation of a phosphodiester bond. An enzyme known as a ligase catalyzes the ligation reaction. In the cell, ligases repair single and double strand breaks that occur during DNA replication.

What is a modified transfixing ligature used for?

Modified Transfixing PatternThe modified transfixing pattern is used to ligate arteries, larger isolated vessels and pedicles. It is only slightly modified from the transfixing pattern. It begins by taking a full thickness perpendicular bite into the vessel ensuring that only a small portion of the vessel is encircled by suture.

How does a transfixing ligature on a dog work?

It begins by taking a full thickness perpendicular bite into the vessel ensuring that only a small portion of the vessel is encircled by suture. A simple or double throw is placed before the two free ends are tied around the opposite side of the vessel, constricting the entire lumen.

Which is the correct definition of a transfixion suture?

transfixion suture. trans·fix·ion su·ture. 1. a criss-cross stitch so placed as to control bleeding from a tissue surface or small vessel when tied; 2. a suture used to fix the columella to the nasal septum.

Why do you need a transfixion suture for Luv?

Transfixion suture ensures the tube stays firmly inserted in the duct and prevents leakeage due the pressure while being injected. 1 Another factor which may prevent occurrence of anal stenosis after the LUV procedure, is to leave the hemorrhoidal tissue behind after transfixion sutures.