What is the real name of shlok and Astha?

Shrenu Parikh
The series starred Avinash Sachdev and Shrenu Parikh as Shlok and Aastha, respectively.

Does shlok fall in love with Astha?

She tells him that its very beautiful to which he replies that it is not more beautiful than her. Shlok puts it around her waist and she feels shy of his touch. So Mr. Shlok Agnihotri is falling in love with Astha and also started praising her.

What is the age of Shrenu Parikh?

31 years (November 11, 1989)
Shrenu Parikh/Age

What is the age of Avinash Sachdev?

35 years (August 22, 1986)
Avinash Sachdev/Age

How old is Aastha?

30 years (June 24, 1991)
Aastha Gill/Age

Who is Astha real husband?

Harsh Aggarwal
Astha Aggarwal (Actress) Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Biography & More

Boys, Affairs and More
Marital Status Married
Affairs/Boyfriends Not Known
Husband/Spouse Harsh Aggarwal (Country Manager with a German Company)

How does shlok find out about Niranjan?

Saturday, 4th September 2021 (Episodes 327 and 328) Shlok then informs Niranjan that he was saved by Astha from a snake, while Jyoti tells Varad to set aside his differences with Sojal and make things work. Jyoti does not give attention to Rebuka when interrogated regarding her morale.

Who is Avinash girlfriend?

Palak Purswani
Avinash Sachdev and Palak Purswani got engaged in January this year. The duo were also seen together as wild card contestants in dance reality show Nach Baliye 9.

Who is the best friend of Shrenu Parikh?

Shrenu Parikh and Aneri Vajani are dear friends and amazing co-stars: Kunal Jaisingh. However, the actor was recently seen in a super cute and funny video shared by co-star Shrenu on her Instagram handle, which also featured Kunal, Aneri Vajani, and Mansi Srivastava.

How old is Abhinav?

39 years (September 27, 1982)
Abhinav Shukla/Age

Who is Aastha gills brother?

Aastha Gill Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Biography & More

Husband/Spouse N/A
Parents Father- Name Not Known Mother- Name Not Known
Siblings Sister- Prerna Gill Brother- Not Known

Who is Aastha Gill parents?

Jaspal Singh
Aastha Gill/Parents

Why did Astha and Shlok decide to rest?

Astha and Shlok decided to rest for a while as the drive was long. Sojal gave them fresh juice and advised Shlok and Astha to rest for a few days before even thinking of work. She was a very responsible lady now and Varad felt very proud of her. Shlok took Astha to their room. He had redecorated their room and made it pleasant for Astha.

Who are the actors in Aastha and Shlok?

The series starred Avinash Sachdev and Shrenu Parikh as Shlok and Aastha, respectively. The show revolves around Shlok and Aastha and follows the story of Shlok, who is riddled with issues from his past experiences that shapes his arrogant personality which contributes to his course of actions.

Why did Shlok show Fake Love to Aastha?

Shlok angrily tells Aastha that he showed fake love in order to take revenge for the insult of himself and his father. He goes as far as to threaten her that if she reveals this to anyone, he’d have her father framed in a case of corruption. Meanwhile, Anjali wants Aastha to perfectly adapt to the Agnihotri traditions.

What’s the difference between Aastha and Shlok in pyaar ko?

Aastha is a cheerful, lively, passionate and charming woman who values relationships and supports equality. In contrast, Shlok is an arrogant, self-reserved and business-minded man who believes in wealth more than relationships. He had a miserable past that ultimately led him to his arrogance.