What is the meaning of minstrel gallery?

: a small interior balcony over the entrance doors in a church, castle, or similar public building.

What is a gallery in a medieval castle?

Gallery – long passage or room. Garderobe – a small latrine or toilet either built into the thickness of the wall or projected out from it; projects from the wall as a small, rectangular bartizan. Gate House – the complex of towers, bridges, and barriers built to protect each entrance through a castle or town wall.

What does a minstrel do?

minstrel, (from Latin ministerium, “service”), between the 12th and 17th centuries, a professional entertainer of any kind, including jugglers, acrobats, and storytellers; more specifically, a secular musician, usually an instrumentalist.

What are the four corners of a castle called?

A bastion or bulwark is a structure projecting outward from the curtain wall of a fortification, most commonly angular in shape and positioned at the corners of the fort.

Where are weapons kept in a castle?

Allures also occur on the outside of the walls. In this case a wooden section was built overhanging the wall called a hoarding. Holes in the floor of the hoarding allowed the defenders to drop missiles on the attackers below. An important function of a castle was to store weapons for use in war or in times of attack.

What are the four different types of minstrels?

The Scandinavian minstrels were called skalds. The Irish called their minstrels bards, while the English minstrels were referred to as scops. Minstrels were primarily singers and musicians. These wandering performers were also story tellers, jugglers, clowns, and tumblers.

What are the types of minstrels?

There were two main types of Medieval Musicians – the Minstrels and the Troubadours. A minstrel was a servant first employed as a travelling entertainer and then as a castle or court musician or Medieval Bard. The name ‘minstrel’ means a “little servant”.

What are the rooms in a castle called?

Bed chambers are now known as bedrooms. Latrines have become lavatories and bathrooms. Halls have morphed into entrance halls and dining rooms have taken over one of their main functions. Solars, Cabinets and Boudoirs have become sitting rooms, libraries and dressing rooms.

What is the entrance of a castle called?

GateHouse – A strongly built and fortified main entrance to a castle. It often has a guard house and or living quarters. Hall or GreatHall – This is the major building inside th walls of a castle.

What is the bridge over a moat called?

A drawbridge or draw-bridge is a type of moveable bridge typically at the entrance to a castle or tower surrounded by a moat.

Did the trebuchet use defense?

They were used as defensive weapons stationed on walls and sometimes hurled hollowed out logs filled with burning charcoal to destroy enemy siege works. Traction trebuchets went into decline during the Han dynasty due to long periods of peace but became a common siege weapon again during the Three Kingdoms period.

What were minstrels called?

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What was the purpose of the minstrels gallery?

Minstrels’ gallery. A minstrels’ gallery is a form of balcony, often inside the great hall of a castle or manor house, and used to allow musicians (originally minstrels) to perform, sometimes discreetly hidden from the guests below.

How big is a house with a minstrel gallery?

The house has sky-high, heavily leaded mullioned windows and a double-height ballroom as big as a church, with a minstrel gallery. It has three bedrooms, a minstrels’ gallery, kitchen, dining room, library and conservatory.

Where are the minstrels gallery in the Louvre?

The elaborate minstrels’ gallery in the Salle des Caryatides, Palais du Louvre, Paris. A minstrels’ gallery is a form of balcony, often inside the great hall of a castle or manor house, and used to allow musicians (originally minstrels) to perform, sometimes discreetly hidden from the guests below.

What kind of instruments did the minstrels play?

The band were more authentic: viols, sackbuts, cornets, bagpipes and serpent, stylishly tootled or tickled from the minstrels’ gallery. The room most frequently used by the production team was the hall, which has a minstrels’ gallery.