What is the highest USPHS Honor Award?

The Presidential Unit Citation (PUC) is the highest unit award issued to a uniformed service.

How much do USPHS officers make?

Public Health Officer Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $220,000 $106
75th Percentile $108,000 $52
Average $94,466 $45
25th Percentile $53,500 $26

Is USPHS considered military?

Nope. They’re non-military uniformed service that is not trained in arms. But they are trained in health care. In fact, Corps officers serve in 15 careers in a wide range of specialties within Federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What do USPHS officers do?

The Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service, or USPHS Commissioned Corps, works on the front lines of public health. Our medical, health and engineering professionals fight disease, conduct research, and care for patients in underserved communities across the nation and throughout the world.

Why does the surgeon general wear medals?

The medal is awarded in the name of the United States Surgeon General for actions of exceptional achievement to the cause of public health and medicine.

What medals does the surgeon general wear?

5/16th inch gold stars are worn on the Distinguished Service, Meritorious Service, Surgeon General’s Exemplary Service, Outstanding Service, Commendation, Achievement, and PHS Citation Medals to indicate subsequent awards. In lieu of five gold 5/16th inch stars, a silver 5/16th inch star is worn.

How long is Usphs training?

Participants are paid, and receive health benefits, housing and travel allowances. Programs last between 30 and 120 days. Participants become inactive Public Health Service officers upon completing the program and can activate upon graduation. There is no obligation to join the USPHS Commissioned Corps.

How do you become a Usphs officer?

Commissioned Corps Eligibility

  1. US citizenship.
  2. Physical examination.
  3. Minimum two-year commitment.
  4. Must be under 44 at the time of commission.
  5. Have a valid license from any US state; Washington, DC; Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; US Virgin Islands; or Guam.

Do you salute Usphs?

You are required to salute all commissioned officers, both male and female, of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, USPHS and NOAA. It is customary to salute officers of United Nations when you recognize them as such. Do not salute noncommissioned officers or petty officers.

Does Usphs deploy?

Organized as nimble teams, USPHS Rapid Deployment Forces work in concert with Disaster Medical Assistance Teams as well as other resources.

Why does surgeon general wear a uniform?

Why does the surgeon general wear a uniform and what does it signify? Members of the PHS are given military-style commissions and naval-style ranks and they wear uniforms to reflect those titles. The idea is that the PHS is a mobile force ready to be on the frontlines of whatever health crisis may arise.

Does the US surgeon general have a uniform?

Service rank Officers of the commissioned corps, including the surgeon general, wear uniforms that are modeled after uniforms of the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard, except that the commissioning devices, buttons, and insignia are unique.

What does the Commissioned Corps of the USPHS do?

Commissioned Corps officers provide medical care to evacuees. USPHS Commissioned Corps Officer comforted a young evacuee at Travis Air Force Base. Officers are evaluating evacuees for symptoms of COVID-19 upon arrival. The Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service, or USPHS Commissioned Corps, works on the front lines of public health.

Are there any awards for a commissioned officer?

Commissioned Corps officers are not eligible for monetary awards like that of their civilian counterparts. To counter this and address the superior performance by Corps officers, the United States Public Health Service has established the Commissioned Officers Recognition Program. The purpose of the Commissioned Officers’ Award Program is to:

Which is the second highest award in the Corps?

Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) This award is the second highest recognition granted to Corps officers for outstanding or meritorious levels of achievement. This award is presented in recognition of: meritorious service of a single, particularly important achievement;

Who are the heads of non-PHS agencies?

PHS Agency Heads, RHAs, and heads of non-PHS Agencies have been delegated the authority by the SG to: Approve and present the CM and UC. At the NIH, the IC Directors have been delegated the authority by the Director, NIH to: Approve and present the AM, and the PHS Citation.