What is the fourth book of Vampire Diaries?

Dark Reunion
Dark Reunion is the fourth book in The Vampire Diaries novel series.

What is the correct order of the Vampire Diaries books?

IN ORDER: The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries #1: Origins (Vampire Diaires- Stefan’s Diaries) The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries #2: Bloodlust (Vampire Diaires- Stefan’s Diaries) The Vampire Diaries: Stefan’s Diaries #3: The Craving (Vampire Diaires- Stefan’s Diaries)

What are the Vampire Diaries books called?

The Awakening, The Struggle, The Fury, Dark Reunion, Nightfall, Shadow Souls, Midnight, Phantom, Moonsong, Destiny Rising, Unseen, Unspoken, Unmasked, Paradise Lost, The War of Roses. The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire, romance and horror series of novels created and written by L. J. Smith.

What is TVD based on?

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural teen drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith.

Who ends up with Elena in the books?

Throughout the series, the two go through much chaos, pain and torture together, but their strong, powerful love for each other is what keeps them together. In The Hunters: Destiny Rising, Elena finally chooses Stefan over Damon to be her eternal life partner and mate.

Who does Elena choose in the books?

Although, Elena has a strong connection with Damon, she will always love Stefan much more due to the Soulmate Principle shared between her and Stefan. In The Hunters: Destiny Rising, Elena finally chooses Stefan (her true soulmate) over Damon as her eternal life partner and mate.

Is Elena a legacy?

The Vampire Diaries fans got a little insight into Elena and Damon’s whereabouts on the latest episode of The CW’s spinoff series, Legacies. When Alaric and Josie have a much-needed heart-to-heart, they reveal where Elena and Damon live in Mystic Falls.

Does Damon end up with Bonnie in the books?

On The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie and Damon started as enemies but became best friends. In the novel series, they dated but not on the show. Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) were never a couple in The Vampire Diaries, unlike in the series of novels created by L.J. Smith.

Where can I read the Vampire Diaries for free?

READ ONLINE The Vampire Diaries series for free. PDF books reading at ReadAnyBook.com. The Vampire Diaries is an American television series developed by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson on adventures of supernatural beings in small town Mystic Falls located in Virginia, the USA.

Which is the first book in the Vampire Diaries series?

However L. J. Smith has revealed that the novel will be released via Kindle Worlds. The Awakening ( ISBN 978-1-4449-0071-2) is the first novel in the Vampire Diaries series and introduces the main cast of characters Elena, Stefan, Matt, Bonnie, Caroline and Meredith (who is absent from the TV series).

Who are the other names in the Vampire Diaries?

Alaric and Celia arrive by train just after her name is mysteriously spelled out in blood. Other names begin to appear first Meredith, then Damon, Bonnie, Elena and Matt. Damon manages to escape from the Dark Dimension after it is revealed that the embers of the star-ball Elena destroyed revived him after his death in The Return: Midnight.

Who are the narrators of the Vampire Diaries?

Publishing history. The first three novels in the original series ( The Awakening, The Struggle, and The Fury) all feature Stefan and Elena as the narrators of the series, while the last book in the original series, Dark Reunion, is from Bonnie McCullough’s viewpoint.