What is the damage of Level 7 Lightning spell?

Lightning Spell

Level Damage Research time
6 320 6 days
7 400 10 days
8 480 13 days
9 560 15 days

Are earthquake spells better than lightning?

As Earthquake Spells deal increasing damage to Walls, they are much more effective than using its counterpart, Lightning Spell, against Walls. They are therefore very useful for ground attacks if walls might get in the way. Unlike the Lightning Spell, Earthquake spells can damage Town Halls and Clan Castles.

How much HP does a Level 7 air defense have?

Air Defense

Level Damage per second Damage per hit
7 280 280
8 320 320
9 360 360
10 400 400

How much HP does a Level 4 Air Defense have?

Increased Air Defense’s hitpoints at level 4-8. Level 4 increased from 940 to 950.

How many earthquake spells do you need in zapquake?

In the No Earthquake section, the level and number of lightning spells is shown. In the Earthquake section, only one earthquake is used in addition to the number and level of lightning spells shown. e.g. To destroy a level 3 inferno tower with level 5 lightning: you will need at least level 2 earthquake along with 4 lightning spells.

When do you use zapquake for air defense?

The ZapQuake usage for Air Defense is the Lightning (Zap) spells (by level) remove an amount of the HitPoints (HP) and the EarthQuake (EQ) spell (by Level) finishes it off. It does not matter which order these are dropped in.

Is the new zapquake table based on damage numbers?

Yes. This is based on the damage numbers of the actual release. The previous table was based on damage numbers from the pre-release announcement. I thought this was posted a few days before the update that said a single max zap and a single max quake would take out a level 10 AD? That was based on numbers from a pre-release announcement.

How many level 6 lightning spells destroy TH10 air defense?

Two level 6 lightning spells destroy a single th10 air defense. I tested this recently and have been raiding constantly since last night with zap dragloon. Level 6 lightning spells do 600 dmg apiece. Th10 air defense has <1200 hit points, so the damage is greater than the hp and will thus destroy it.