What is the cost of admission to Silver Dollar City?

1 Day Pass Sunday – Friday

Adult $74.00 Box Office
Child $64.00 Box Office

Do you have to make a reservation for Silver Dollar City?

To help ensure you have a quality experience when you visit, season pass reservations may be required during peak attendance dates. Reservations can be made for the current week and up to 45 days in advance.

Does Silver Dollar City give senior discount?

Senior Rate/Discount starts for anyone who turns 65 any time during 2019 season or for those 65 and older. During 2018 the Senior Policy was 62 and had been since the opening of the park.

Do you pay for parking at Silver Dollar City?

As always, the majority of parking at Silver Dollar City is FREE! And to make your trip to the front gate even better, we have trams and buses to shuttle you from the parking lot to the ticket courtyard. Season Pass Preferred Parking is $10 (per day). …

Is there a weight limit on rides at Silver Dollar City?

Just returned from a silver dollar city, Branson MO vacation. I wanted to let anyone know that their rides are not quite as restrictive as first thought. Their web site states that persons over 215 lbs cannot ride several of their rides.

Can you wear flip flops to Silver Dollar City?

Shorts, tee shirts, very comfortable walking shoes or flip-flops will be the order of the day.

Is one day enough for Silver Dollar City?

First of all, try to designate at least one FULL day of fun to Silver Dollar City exclusively. You can do it in a half-day, but you won’t see it all. You’ll just skim the surface really. This includes nap time in the park if you can swing it.

What is the senior rate for Silver Dollar City?

Does Silver Dollar City Have a Senior Discount? Yes! For people ages 65 and above, a one-day ticket costs $72. Two-day tickets are available for $92, and three-day tickets are $102.

Can you bring your own food to Silver Dollar City?

Yes. You are welcome to bring snacks, beverages and even small coolers with you into Silver Dollar City. We just ask that you exclude any glass containers or alcoholic beverages.

Can you bring a backpack into Silver Dollar City?

1. You are welcome to bring a backpack into the park. Lockers are located throughout the park, and there are specified areas at each ride where bags and other loose items can be left while you ride. Snacks and beverages are also allowed.