What is the best path for monkey ace?

Path 3 is the most optimal Monkey Ace for players to place as they guarantee that bloons are targeted at all times due to the homing nature of the Flying Fortress.

Can monkey ace hit camo?

Description: Allows Monkey Ace to hit Camo Bloons. Does not grant detection to other towers. Description: Ground Zero Ability: drops a single devastating bomb that destroys all bloons on screen and heavily damages MOAB-class bloons.

Can shredder hit camo?

Additionally, all Sky Shredder attacks can damage all bloon types except Camo, including Lead and Black Bloons. Crosspathing with Spy Plane allows it to detect camo and truly affect any bloon type.

How much damage does Ground Zero do?

Ground Zero bombs do 10 damage permanently (3 → 10).

What is the best banana farm path?

When it comes to selecting a Banana Farm to help fuel your income I strongly recommend using a Path 2 IMF Loan or Monkey-Nomics Banana Farm as the special ability is by far the best upgrade players can purchase, especially in tandem with the 15% interest players can take advantage of, especially when they have access …

What are sniper monkeys?

Sniper Monkey is a Military-class tower in Bloons TD 6. Sniper Monkeys wield a long-range rifle and can attack a bloon anywhere on the map, assuming clear Line of Sight. Compared to other towers, the Sniper Monkey’s main role is in single target damage as it initially deals 2 damage to one bloon at a time.

Can dart monkeys pop lead bloons?

This tower’s darts are ineffective against Lead Bloons, unless the premium upgrade Exploding Darts (renamed as Splodey Darts in BTD5) is applied and/or if it is upgraded to Juggernaut or if it’s affected by a Monkey Intelligence Bureau (0-3-0 Monkey Village) or Acidic Mixture Dip since it allows monkeys to pop Leads.

Why do we call it Ground Zero?

Ground Zero originated as a term to describe the site of a nuclear explosion and later was used to refer to the point of any dramatic or violent event. New Yorkers started calling the World Trade Center site Ground Zero shortly after suicide hijackers destroyed the Twin Towers.

Can icicle impale pop DDT?

Icicle Impale no longer damages Lead Bloons or DDTs without Metal Freeze.

What is the best Super Monkey upgrade?

By far the most powerful upgrade path for a Super Monkey is the True Sun God, however, it does come with a great amount of sacrifice that players must make in order to fully empower the True Sun God with it’s full damage capabilities.

Do you lose money with IMF loan BTD6?

Fortunately, it is impossible to lose as a result of not paying off IMF Loan debts because bankruptcy is non-existent in BTD6. Unlike normal loans, the player cannot manually pay off the debt of a certain IMF Loan Bank.

Are sniper monkeys good?

The Sniper Monkey is an extremely powerful tower that can deal global damage to bloons, though upon placement the Sniper Monkey will only be able to damage a single bloon at a time.

How much does a monkey Ace cost in Bloons?

The Monkey Ace is a moving unit operated by a monkey that debuted in Bloons TD 4. It also appears in its Expansion, Bloons TD 5, and Bloons 2. In BTD4 and BTD5, it costs $765 on Easy, $900 on Medium, and $970 on Hard. It will automatically fire at the Bloons.

What does monkey Ace look like in Bloons Tower Defense 5?

In BTD5 the ace’s artwork shows a red cone but in the actual tower it’s blue and in BMC Mobile if it’s flying above your city it’s green. This reverses when upgraded to Pineapple Present, the artwork shows it has a blue cone, while the actual tower has a red cone.

What happens when you pop a monkey Ace Bloon?

They pop Bloons that they fly through. The player must pop a Monkey Ace Bloon to give the monkey 2 flags, allowing the player to send them to pop Bloons. If the Monkey Ace hits a wall, it will explode, and the pilot will parachute down. The explosion will not pop any Bloons.

What kind of effect does monkey Ace have?

Effect: Gains the Centered Path flight path, which moves the Ace along a unified path in a circular formation. Description: Darts automatically seek out and pop Bloons by themselves. Effect: Darts will automatically rotate to continuously seek at nearby bloons. Description: Rapidly fires darts and bombs, dominating most Bloon types easily.