What is the best Organiser app for iPhone?

The 9 Best Planner Apps of 2021

  • Best Overall: Things 3 for iOS.
  • Best Calendar App: Google Calendar for iOS and Android.
  • Best for Note-Taking: AwesomeCalendar for iOS.
  • Best for Making Lists: Any.do for iOS and Android.
  • Best for Teams: Trello for iOS and Android.
  • Best for Work/Life Balance: Fantastical for iOS.

What is the best app for organizing?

Best Organization Apps for Personal and Business Use

  • CamCard.
  • LastPass.
  • SwiftScan.
  • Toggl Track.
  • Proofhub.
  • Otter. Otter is an AI-powered voice transcription app for your mobile devices.
  • Trello. Trello is an agile project management tool for Kanban-style progress tracking.
  • nTask. Available on: iOS, Android, Web.

How do I get my iPhone to automatically organize apps?

Use the App Library to find your apps From your Home Screen, swipe left until you see the App Library. Your apps are automatically sorted into categories. For example, you might see your social media apps under a Social category. The apps that you use most frequently will automatically reorder based on your usage.

How do I organize my iPhone?

5 Ways to Live a More Organized Life with Your iPhone

  1. Audit Your App Collection Regularly.
  2. Use a Single Note-Taking App.
  3. Use Siri to Your Advantage.
  4. Use Passbook to Store Loyalty Cards, Coupons, Etc.
  5. Use a Digital Wallet to Store ID Cards, Debit Cards, Etc.

Is there a todo list on iPhone?

The free task-reminder app on your phone can keep you and your projects on track. Getting organized is serious business, judging by the number of checklist and chore-tracker programs available. Apple’s Reminders app runs on its iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Apple Watches, Mac computers and iCloud.com.

Is there an app to organize apps on iPhone?

With iOS 14, Apple has introduced a new feature known as the App Library, which tries to intelligently organize different apps into folders based on categories, such as suggested apps, recently added apps, social, entertainment, shopping, travel, and games.

Is there an app to organize my life?

Todoist. Todoist is one of the best organization apps to organize your tasks and stay on top of them. It has a simple interface and is easy to use. Todoist offers multiple features such as subtasks, sub-projects, recurring tasks, notifications, different priorities, and more to better organize your day.

Where do I start to organize my life?

How to Organize Your Life: 10 Habits of Really Organized People

  1. Write Things Down.
  2. Make Schedules and Deadlines.
  3. Don’t Procrastinate.
  4. Give Everything a Home.
  5. Declutter Regularly.
  6. Keep Only What You Need.
  7. Know Where to Discard Items.
  8. Stay Away from Bargains.

How do I automatically categorize apps?

How to Auto Classify or Categorize Android Apps Drawer Apps

  1. Install the Go Laucher EX launcher.
  2. Go to App Drawer.
  3. At the bottom, tap on the settings.
  4. Tap on Auto-folder > Arrange.

Why are my apps not deleting on iPhone?

Enable Restrictions for Deleting Apps The common reason for can’t delete apps is the restrictions for deleting apps is disabled. Enable restrictions for deleting apps by following tips below. Go to “Settings” > tap “General” > Choose “Restrictions”. Enter the password set for restrictions as required.

How do I organize my iPhone home screen?

Organize your apps in folders on iPhone

  1. Touch and hold the Home Screen background until the apps begin to jiggle.
  2. To create a folder, drag an app onto another app.
  3. Drag other apps into the folder.
  4. To rename the folder, touch and hold it, tap Rename, then enter a new name.

How do you categorize apps on iPhone?

If you have a lot of apps, you can put your related apps in folders. To make a folder, drag an app onto another app. If you want to rename the folder, tap the name field or and then enter the new name. Now that you have a folder, you can drag apps into it.