What is SAP assortment planning?

With SAP Assortment Planning for Retail you determine the assortment breadth and product depth in line with your strategic goals, and plan demand quantities for the upcoming season based on referenced historical data across product categories and selling locations.

What is listing procedure in SAP Retail?

In SAP Retail, Listing automates what is a manual process in SAP Standard: “extending Materials to Plants.” That’s the creation of location-specific product data, which persists until archived. If a Product is never Listed to a Location, then the material is never extended to the plant.

What is Article category in SAP Retail?

In SAP Retail, you can create the Generic shirt Article, choose the Color and Size combinations, and the system generates the Variant Articles accordingly. Other Article Categories are so-called structured Articles. Sales Sets, Displays, and Prepacks are made up of components (i.e. single Articles).

What is SAP Retail system?

SAP Retail is a complete system that supports competitive assortment strategies, variable sales technologies, and corresponding site categories, as well as customer-oriented distribution logistics in retail with consumer products.

What is SAP article number?

The article number uniquely identifies an article master record, and thus an article.

How do you delist materials in SAP?

You can also enter materials, plants, and material groups for material selection. The system displays all existing discontinuation conditions. You can then select discontinuation conditions that you want to delete. You can also decide whether you want to create change documents for the entries to be deleted.

What is article type in SAP?

Article types group together articles with the same attributes. When you create an article master record, you must assign it to a single article type. The article type you choose determines: Whether the article number can be assigned internally by the system or externally by the user.

What is article creation in SAP?

Specify the article type and article category; then assign the article to a merchandise category. If you choose article type Generic Article (01), you additionally need to enter the configuration class type and the configuration class. This information is used to determine the variant-creating characteristics are.

What is the full form of retail?

This page is all about Full Form, Long Form, abbreviation, acronym and meaning of the given term RETAIL. RETAIL Stands For : Retailer | Retailers. Not able to find full form or full meaning of RETAIL May be you are looking for other term similar to RETAIL.

What are material numbers?

With the introduction of material numbers, a practical system was developed for uniquely defining different materials. A material number consists of 7 digits, which are in turn divided into 5 groups.

What is the material code?

A Material Code defines the requirements of design, fabrication, use of material, test and inspection of the components, parts and systems.

How are articles assigned to an assortment in SAP?

By assigning articles to assortments, you determine which assortments and, therefore, which articles a store can buy and sell which means a site cannot buy or sell articles that are not included in any of its assortments. Assortment is managed on user level, which could be site (distribution center, store) or Customer.

Which is the best definition of an assortment?

The real assortment definition depends on the client organization. It can be a group of articles like “PASTRY ARTICLE” or a group of sites like “LUXURIOUS SITE”.

How to avoid store exclusion assortment in SAP?

To avoid it there are two option but each of them require set of multiple assignment parameter to on. First option is to create general assortment as then assign it to respective sites (in case if particular article is not offered in the store exclusion assortment module may be assigned).

What does sap merchandising and assortment planning ( SAP ) mean?

SAP MAP extends beyond the four key planning areas – strategic, location, merchandise, and assortment planning – to integrate with markdown planning, shelf optimization, style management, purchasing, and allocation functions.